We’re two football fanatics that want to help buy the best football goal in the market.

FORZA Alu60 Profesional football GOAL

Alex’s personal opinion

This is probably the best goal that we can find on the market to use in any professional football match.

This goal is manufactured to the smallest detail and highest standards, for proper use all year round, due to the goal frame aluminium design.

We consider this goal to be the most outstanding because, in addition to excellent use during competitions, it is light and portable, thanks to a FORZA brand folding design.


Kwik Deluxe European Club Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

Possibly the best goal we can find on the KWIK page. Although this goal is found in the training section, with the dimension of 8×24 feet it could be used in any professional football match.

The construction of the Kwik Deluxe European Club Goal uses aluminium, the material generally employed to play at a professional level. The goal includes a 3 ”round aluminum frame, which increases the ease and safety of movement.

Kwik Lock net clips are included and hooked into the Kwik Lock net system around the entire frame, eliminating pins and making field maintenance easy. With this goal, you can play on all ground surfaces.



Alex’s personal opinion

With five goal sizes to choose from the FORZA brand, youth teams and senior teams can play any match with one of the best stadium soccer goals on the market. 

The goals have been expertly designed for peak performance on match days, making them perfect for professional and non-professional soccer clubs, as they can be moved around the entire pitch.

Coming in a huge variety of sizes, this incredible range of 110 aluminium soccer goals are suitable for all ages, from the smallest to the largest. Rear reinforcement bars have been added to this stadium goal for greater durability.


QUICKPLAY Q-Fold Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

The QUICKPLAY Q-FOLD garden gate is suitable for all types of climates as well as having a quick assembly.

This goal is made of high-resistance PVC, which is why we say that it is for all types of environments.

The makers of QUICKPLAY have patented a new durable Flexi-joint system, giving the frame of this goal more stability than other polyethylene goals.

This new system is designed to reduce the stress on the posts. Furthermore, and as a pioneer in the QUICKPLAY Match Fold range of goals, the Q-Fold features a unique non-slip crossbar design.

It has an assembly time of 15-20 minutes when the goal is new and fresh out of the box and later of 30 seconds when it is folded.


SKLZ Pro Training Lightweight Portable Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

Unlike other goals, the SKLZ Pro Training soccer goal offers a more authentic image and quality.

It is built to withstand the most powerful shots, with a quick and easy assembly crossbar and posts and a lightweight design.

The Pro Training Goal goal is designed with the innovative SKLZ Pro Training System. So it can be used on natural grass, artificial grass and firm ground.

Unlike other portable goals, the SKLZ Pro Training withstands seasons of use and gives you a realistic playing feel.


FORZA Pod Aluminium Folding Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

If the first recommended goal has been FORZA, the second place is also without any doubt for FORZA.

This goal is aimed at premium training, having been supplied to some of the Premier League clubs. The quality of these soccer goals has been recognized by the best soccer clubs in the world. The goal offers state-of-the-art construction to players and coaches of all levels.

This goal has a fluorescent yellow micromesh net, guaranteeing a good training session as the net is quite visible.

Also the Forza Aluminium has an assembly of nothing more and nothing less than 10 seconds, which it does not affect stability or a firm hold to the ground, far from it!

The goal is made of high-strength aluminium, which makes this goal a great product to use during countless training sessions.



Jorge’s personal opinion

We must include this goal in the top ten because it is made of steel, and possibly the most resistant of all.

The excellent resistance comes from the strong galvanized steel posts, that allow the use of this goal in any environment that you like.

Also, the Forza Steel42 has 4 different goal sizes to suit different requirements, including a mini football goal for adult practice. And it comes with a relatively quick assembly due to its innovative built-in locking system.

It is incredible that this goal withstands all types of shots without any problem, due to its special design.


Franklin Sports POP UP GOAL

Alex’s personal opinion

We include this goal in the top because the quality/price ratio is one of the best on the market.

The Franklin Sports brand has developed a long-lasting product, easily transportable anywhere thanks to the included cover. The grip stakes also ensure good stability.

The Franklin Sports goal is made from sturdy fiberglass and steel posts with an ultra-strong Oxford cloth, so it can withstand years of use. It is ideal for training or playing at home.



Alex’s personal opinion

Special quality professional pop up goals with solid structure designed for players and coaches.

The Bazooka Goal has a telescopic structure that folds in seconds, free of stakes which makes it easy to transport and store.

The objective of this goal is to increase your skills in tight spaces.

Bazooka Goal has been selected as the first choice in daily training by Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and several hundred top clubs around the world.


Dimples Excel POP UP GOal

Alex’s personal opinion

Dimples Excel soccer goal is great for your kids to practice everywhere as it is very easy to open and fold, even for a 5 year old!

It is certainly a great gift that your kids will love and use. It is lightweight, portable, easy to assemble and foldable.

It is also an Amazon’s Choice product and there is no doubt about its quality. It fits into any budget and can be taken anywhere.

It is very suitable for playing on the beach, school or backyard, designed to prevent it from blowing away in strong gusts of wind. Be aware that you are only buying one goal instead of two!




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Forza has been making goals for years!


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A classic, have fun and improve your first touch!


A goal is a frame located at both extremes of a football field, through which the ball must enter to count as a score. It is made up of two parallel posts, another upper post that joins them, commonly known as a crossbar, and a net that stops the ball once inside the goal.

FIFA regulations state that the dimensions of a professional football goal must be 24 x 8 feet (7.32 meters wide by 2.44 meters high). However, there are many variants of this sport, so the size of the goal can vary.

What is the best soccer goal on the market?

For us, the best goal is the Kwik Deluxe European Club Goal.

This goal is used all year round on all types of terrain. In addition, it has 6 different sizes to choose from, all of them made of aluminium.

Although Kwik offers this product in the training goals section, according to our experience we could say that, for example, the 8 x 24-foot goal could be perfectly used in a professional game, following quality standards and FIFA regulations.

Hence for security reasons, Kwik has designed a Kwik Lock netting system that includes sturdy clips for a completely secure net. The net supports are European-style, which gives this goal an international flair.

How to fold garden goals

To fold and use the garden goals correctly, we recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, you will have to store the goal properly so the net does not break.

Assembling and disassembling the goals is not always as easy as stated in the manufacturer’s instructions. We recomend reading them at least a couple of times, as each garden goal has the manufacturer’s design and, therefore, unique assembly and disassembly instructions.


What sizes of goals do you have?

On our page, you can find goals of all sizes. From professional goals as manufactured by the Kwik or FORZA brand that measures 24 ft x 8ft (7.32mx 2.44m) to pop-up goals that are the smallest in the entire market such as SKLZ, these measure at least 2.5 feet long and up to a maximum of 6 feet.

There are also smaller sized goals such as the FORZA Alu60 Soccer Goals goal with 10 different sizes (6ft x 4ft, 8ft x 4ft, 12ft x 4ft, 12ft x 6ft, 16ft x 4ft, 16ft x 7ft, 18.5ft x 6.5ft. , 21ft x 7ft, 24ft x 8ft & 3m x 2m (FUTSAL))

We believe in the variety of product dimensions and that is why we have tried to rate the goals according to the size range they offer. Some goal brands such as PUGG focus on developing and perfecting their product and others such as FORZA have a wide range of goals that in turn have many sizes, focusing on the needs of many more people than in a particular group.

Can you replace the net in a goal?

Most of the goals come as a whole product, whether they are for the garden, pop up or any other variety. It can therefore be a bit difficult to change the net, which is sewn and perfectly adjusted to the dimensions of each brand and type of goal. Replacing the net in case of breakage requires much work, although not an impossible task if you have a little skill and time.

However, in larger goals the net comes separately and you just need to buy a new net to replace the old one, in case of damage. For example, the KWIK brand with its DELUXE EUROPEAN CLUB goal is very easy to change the broken net for a new one thanks to its clip system.

A german ball tangled in a net to be replace


I would always buy 2 goals! The reason is as simple as all soccer players like to play the 90 minutes of the game. Well, the most played sport on planet earth has always been played with two goals, one at each end of the field.

Of course, we understand that you just want to buy a small goal for your child to have fun. But what if I tell you that at a birthday party or meeting some friends they will all be playing for a couple of hours without disturbing the adults?

The answer to this question for me is quite clear and 9 times out of 10 I would buy two soccer goals, whatever size they are.

How big is a full size football goal?

The only dimension for a large goal is the following one: 24 x 8 feet or 7.32 x 2.44 metres. This size will never vary and is backed by FIFA (Federation International of Football Association).

A football goal in front of a full size soccer goal

How big is a kids size football goal?

The young kids who start playing soccer can not play in such big professional goals because they have not yet grown enough.

Some goals, depending on the age of your son or daughter, will be  more suitable for progressive and natural development.

Next, we will detail the age groups and the suggested goal size that  should be used.

For children under 10 years of age, the goals must be 6 feet high and 12 feet wide. For children between the ages of 10 and 12, the goals should be 7 feet high and 16 feet wide. In preteens ages 12-14, the goals should be 7 feet high and 21 feet wide. And finally, from 15 years to adulthood, all goals will be 8 feet tall and 24 feet wide.

What terrain is best to play with a goal?

The best terrain to play soccer is natural grass. In this field, you can use all kinds of goals, from the largest to the smallest.

We have both played on all sort of soccer fields, on artificial and natural grass and even on the beach. We believe that the best terrain to play soccer, without any doubt, is natural grass.

You can fall and not hurt yourself as badly as in a ground field, and that the older ones will surely remember.

Natural grass is also better than artificial grass because of the ball bounce and the hardness of the terrain. In artificial grass the rubber can burn your skin, as you try to steal a ball by throwing yourself to the ground.

And as for a workout on the beach, it has been proven that you can develop very high muscle strength with the right type of exercise.

However, installing goals on the beach is complicated and only a few would fulfill their function 100%.

How to cover goals in soccer

Portable, pop-up and some professional soccer goals come with bags for easy storage. The easiest to cover and protect against the elements are the pop-ups and the smallest ones.

We have to be clear that many of the goals do not need to be covered as brands have strived to develop products that last throughout the year. Both Alex and I (Jorge) have played for many years and rarely, have we seen a covered goal.

Even so, it would be ideal to cover the goals just as we cover garden furniture while we are not using it, to improve the maintenance and duration of the goal.

Best football exercises to do with a goal

Precision drills: Set the goal at a distance of around 10 meters, shoot/pass the ball into the net. If you make it then, progressively increase the distance as the ball gets into the goal, but if you don’t make it repeat the process again.

5 vs 5 games: For these types of games we recommend putting the two goals at a distance of around 25 meters. If you want to reduce games to increase the quality of your game, decrease the space between goals.

1 vs 1 dribbling: Dribble and score! Place the goals at a considerable distance to be able to dribble past your opponent and shoot with precision to score.

Possession games: Keep the ball with your teammates and score to win the exercise. We recommend that you play this exercise with two teams of at least 3 people or more.

2 vs 2 sprint waves: This exercise is especially used to increase your endurance. Place the goals at a considerably great distance. One pair will start with the ball and the other pair will be in defensive positioning. As soon as the exercise begins, the attacking pair must try score a goal and the defensive pair should try to avoid it.

Do goals stay on when you shoot?

If we follow the manufacturers’ assembly instructions, the goals should not move, as we can anchor the goals to the field with stakes or weight bags of different sizes.

All the goals move or shift a bit during the match or training, and this happens with the smallest goals we can find and also with the biggest ones regulated by FIFA.

two kids in a football soccer practice shooting to score a goal

Are there specific goals for children?

Yes, there are many goals for children and we can recommend any pair depending on the use you are going to give them.

For example, the FORZA Flash Pop-Up or the Franklin Sports Portable Soccer Goal are specific goals for children. The size and characteristics of these goals are a light-weight design and ability to be transported and assembled anywhere, any time.

We also find more resistant and durable goals as they are made of PVC such as the QUICKPLAY Q-Fold Goal or the Forza Backyard Goals. These goals are made for playing in your back garden as well as for training or playing small games.

On what terrains can you use goals on?

You can use soccer goals on any pitch as long as you use them properly.

Many of the goals are versatile and can be used on natural and artificial grass, the beach and any other field.

But many other goals do not adapt easily to any type of surface, so we advised to read and follow the instructions correctly before start playing.

A football soccer field in the middle of a big city

How to make a soccer goal for free

Making your own goal is relatively simple. Here we will tell you the easiest way to do it.

First of all, you take three wood sticks of the same size. Place them on the ground so that the crossbar is behind the two vertical posts and screw them. This is the first step to enjoy your goal frame.

Now it would only be necessary to anchor it. The simplest way is  to make a hole in the ground and insert the two vertical posts, which involves a little preparation. This way you will prevent the goal from falling over on a very windy day.

So making a sturdy frame is the only way to give the goal good stability and enjoy playing game after game with your family and friends.

Types of goals

Nowadays, finding the ideal size for a football goal and choosing the one that best suits your needs is very easy. We are glad to suggest the dimensions of the goals according to the type of game or simply to give you a general idea.

11 football goals are generally known as professional football goals, they are the largest on the market and are used for 11 vs 11 matches. These goals are 24 feet wide by 8 feet tall. The FA recommends players over the age of 15 years old play with these goals.

While 13- and 14-year-olds are recommended to use 21-feet-wide by 7-feet high goals. This one is slightly smaller than the 11-feet professional football goal, and for this reason, it is called a junior goal.

Football 9 goals are used for players under 12 years of age. The FA recommends 16-feet-wide by 7-feet-high goals for 9-a-side football games and are generally used on artificial fields.

Football 7 goals are popular in mini-soccer and are used by various age levels.

The most popular mini soccer goal is 12 feet wide x 6 feet high and is used by 9 and 10-year-olds for training and competitive matches following FA guidelines. The 12ft x 6ft goals can also be used on artificial pitches when seniors are playing games of 7.

Finally, we have the pop-up goals, which are used by the youngest boys and girls who are starting in the most played sport in the world. They can also be used by professional teams for precision training.

A goal upstandig on a football field without net