Best FOOTBALL RebounderS

Modern football requires sharpness. Train your touch with a rebounder!

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BEST Rebounder-Bounce back

QuickPlay Pro Rebounder-Bounce back

Alex’s personal opinion

This rebounder is a training tool used by professionals that can be easily adapted to all ages.

QuickPlay’s bouncer can be adjusted to all possible angles, even negative angles to create a more realistic environment.

Manufactured to be used on all surfaces thanks to its rubber pads located at the base of the rebound frame.

It has a 2-year warranty, making it one of the best products on the market.


All Ball Pro Stinger X Rebounder-Bounce back

Jorge’s personal opinion

The All Ball Pro brand has developed a high-quality, durable and innovative product that works in more than one sport.

Proudly made in the USA from high quality materials, including chrome steel. The All Ball Pro rebounder is easy to set up and use on or off the field.

The rebounder leans to any angle, having a return rate of 95% according to the company.Β  It is understandable that when the ball doesnΒ΄t return 5% of the time, means we might need to train more.

All Ball Pro rebounders are independent and mobile, and the coaches can adapt them to all circumstances.


RapidFire RF150 Rebounder-Bounce back

Alex’s personal opinion

One of the best rebounders in soccer with countless adjustable angles.

The RapidFire brand has one of the best networks on the market capable of withstanding all conditions and be used any time.

This soccer rebounder is ideal as it comes in various sizes and is goodΒ  for ball control and passing.

It can be used vertically or horizontally and always counting on the double angle approach, allowing both sides of the network to be used simultaneously.

Each side produces slightly different rebound characteristics.


RapidFire Handheld Rebounder-Bounce back

Jorge’s personal opinion

This handheld soccer rebounder measures 1.7 x 1.7 feet.

This measurement is unique and perfect during goalkeeping training sessions.

RapidFire Handheld has two easy-to-grip handles, an exceptional tool that allows you toΒ  have total control of the direction of the ball.

The Rapidfire brand soccer rebounder comes with a bag for storage and transport.

In my opinion, this goalkeeper rebounder is ideal for pre-game warm-ups and practice.


SoccerWave Junior Rebounder-Bounce back

Alex’s personal opinion

Leave the little ones having fun and trying the different skills such as volley shots, precision passes or headshots that this SoccerWave product offers.

You can practice alone or in company, thanks to the net that makes the ball return as if you were playing a game.

You just have to make a quick decision while training, constantly improving your mental agility.


SKLZ, Quickster Portable Net Rebounder-Bounce back

Jorge’s personal opinion

The SKLZ Quickster has been patented as true swing technology, so you can get the same feel and action that you will get in a match.

It is manufactured and designed to help players master passing/receiving techniques and improve ball control, helping to develop new skills through repetition,Β  training for more precise ball handling, and powerful quick-set shots.


FORZA Rebounder Wall Rebounder-Bounce back

Alex’s personal opinion

The FORZA brand has designed the Rebound Wall (rebounding wall), a novel training object designed to improve your skills.

Using the best high-resistance materials, the rebounder is built in a similar way than a double-sided rebound wall.

This rebounder can be used for solo training in the backyard or for simultaneous exercises during club training sessions.

Perfect for working on everything in general, from ball control and first touch to volleys and long-distance passes.

Suitable for grass pitches and artificial surfaces.


Franklin Sports Rebounder Rebounder-Bounce back

Jorge’s personal opinion

Whether you feel like practicing in a backyard or on a field, you can use this rebounder to improve his skills in all facets of the game.

When it comes to durability, this rebounder is one of the best on the market since it is made of galvanized steel.

In addition, it has a steel tube that guarantees durability.


RapidFire Pro Pop-up Rebounder Rebounder-Bounce back

Jorge’s personal opinion

This easy-to-build and portable premium rebounder will improve your soccer skills.

It has an easy configuration and in general the product is quite light.

RapidFire rebounders are ideal for use anywhere as they do not need the use of any tools and can be mounted both outdoors and indoors as they are not excessively large.


RapidFire Mega Rebounder Rebounder-Bounce back

Jorge’s personal opinion

This RapidFire brand rebounder is probably one of the best we can find on the market, but just like he is one of the best he is also one of the most expensive.

The rebounder has been designed so that the angle is adjustable at any time and works as a wall providing a real game when kicking the ball against it.

Don’t worry about the durability of the RapidFire rebounder as the frame is made of galvanized steel material, a material that is very durable and will hold up even with heavy use.

It also has a mesh made with the latest technology for greater consistency and durability.


WHAT IS A FOOTBALL Rebounder-Bounce back?

A soccer rebounder is an instrument that bounces football balls that are thrown or kicked at you.

These rebounders are generally designed to be portable, as well as being manufactured by many brands in a variety of shapes and sizes as they are used in the day-to-day use of many professional football teams.

Bouncing nets or soccer rebounders are becoming very popular lately.

Rebounders could be used by players and goalkeepers.

For players, they can be used to improve their first touch, either with their feet, head or chest, work on ball and volley control, or to strengthen their weaker foot by repeating passes. or shots.

And in the case of goalkeepers, they can be used to improve reaction time and handling with the ball when it is in the air.

This product can be bought together with football targets, which can be added in goals to practise your accuracy!

What is the best football rebounder on the market?

For our team and me, the QuickPlay PRO rebounder takes the cake.

We can say that it is a tool that can be used by any professional team apart from being able to adjust it in infinite angles.

The quality of this rebounder is quite good and what makes it the best on the market is its two-year warranty, so you can see that QuickPlay fully trusts its product.


How to use a rebounder

The easiest way to use a rebounder is to place it in a position that is considered suitable to be used at a considerable distance depending on how much space you have and throw or shoot at it.

The rebounder will return the ball with a certain speed to the player as it is a strong elastic band and not a garden wall. The harder he throws the ball the faster he will get back to you!

The main difference of the rebounder with any wall is the elastic material of the rebounder which gives the ball a certain extra speed that is much easier to identify in a game situation.

For this reason, soccer rebounders will allow you to improve many areas of your game.

There is also the possibility of placing it at different angles, which means that goalkeepers can use it for training and players can condition their game to seek and receive a pass from different distances and trajectories.

Player using a rebounder

Are rebounders worth buying to train football?

If it is worth buying one in case you want to improve by a team or using it individually, making it an important and flexible part of your training kit.

The bouncers are manufactured in various sizes and available for all budgets.

The quality has increased considerably thanks to the wide range of soccer rebounders available on the market today.

In my opinion I would recommend buying a rebounder in which the net is clipped to the frame, rather than just wrapped around the frame, as these cheaper types of rebounders tend to lose the elasticity of their net over time.

And we also strongly recommend buying one that comes with the product with a whole frame and in one piece, providing stability and precision.

What exercises to do with a rebounder

  • First touch: Put the bouncer in front. Start making a few passes on the first touch with one leg and then the other, this will increase your speed to pass.


To complicate the exercise a bit, you can make passes at the first touch alternating with the legs, after time and practice you will become an ambidextrous player



Football player showing how to exercise with a rebounder
  • Footwork Pass: Position your rebounder in front of you and both behind and to either side of cones.


You will have to start by passing the ball to the rebounder and then go to one of the cones as quickly as possible to get to the ball before it passes you.

If you want to add difficulty to the exercise, do it between two people, while one does the exercise the other will tell you where to go. It will increase your agility and mental ability significantly.

  • Passing and moving: Passing and movement are fundamental in soccer.


They will improve your control of the ball and your passes with both feet with this drill.

Put cones in a row and with the rebounder try to aim at any cone, but remember that you must arrive before the ball to be able to pass it back to another cone, this exercise if done quickly in addition to improving your control of the ball you will improve your speed.

What types of rebounders do you have?

We all remember when when we were little we spent the afternoons kicking against any wall we saw, trying to improve our ball control and, sometimes, our aim.

Today, thanks to technology and new ideas, we have objects that help us to play our favorite sport.

For example, we have Franklin’s and Forza’s rebounder wall, which is similar to a wall.

We can also find both for training in general as a player, such as QuickPlay, SKLZ, RapidFire, as well as rebounders for goalkeepers, RapidFire handheld rebounder being one of the first to be launched on the market with this type of training objects.

Most, if not all, rebounders are adjustable and can be used for a large number of exercises.

Some of these brands also sell football tennis soccer nets to practise your touch and technique while you have fun!

Benefits of using a rebounder in your soccer training

The benefits of using these rebounders will accrue depending on the focus of the exercise that the coach or you want to perform.

Every soccer player knows that control is vital when it comes to having a tenth more of a second than the rival, so these rebounders serve apart from being precise in passing, to acquire unimaginable soccer skills in terms of ball control when performing basic daily exercises.

I have given you an example of a midfielder but these exercises can be extrapolated to goalkeepers, defenders and forwards in general, each with specific exercises to better develop your skills.

Benefits of using a bounce back net as shooting with accuracy

Best brands of rebounders

I think that there is no one brand that stands out from any other, mostly because all the rebounders are top brands, but the manufacturer Net World Sports with the RapidFire brand takes the first place in rebounders.

RapidFire has a wide range of products to choose from based on what suits us best.

We can say that this brand uses top quality materials and the rebounders are resistant and durable.

Best goals to use with a rebounder

Let’s be clear, what it is about here is to become a professional and live from the job of our dreams.

So without any doubt I would recommend using all these rebounders with professional soccer goals, so that first of all we get used to the dimensions of the goals and secondly, that we get to develop skills until we become a total footballer.

We can’t leave aside two such historical brands as Samba, QuickPlay or SKLZ.

Both QuickPlay and SKLZ have a design practically the same as FORZA, so according to the information obtained, I would consider Forza as the first brand, QuickPlay in second place and SKLZ as third place.

We should not leave out Bownet as it has an innovative and interesting design developed in recent years.

How to make a rebounder

Can you make homemade rebounders? Yes you can, but you must have the right materials and tools for it.

Net to make a rebounder

A football rebounder is an instrument that bounces football balls that are thrown or kicked against the accesorie.

The QuickPlay PRO rebounder takes the cake. It is a tool that can be used by any professional team apart from being able to adjust it in infinite angles.


Improve your accuracy fast with goal targets!


A classic, have fun and improve your first touch!