Best FOOTBALL Targets

Efficiency, accuracy, goal. Learn to ‘never miss’ training with football targets.

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SKLZ Goalshot Target

Alex’s personal opinion

The SKLZ brand has developed a product, after researching in detail for several seasons, watching many goals scored in every football match.

This product has been called Goalshot and helps players develop the necessary muscle memory and vision involved to become a true scorer. SKLZ Goalshot delimits four specific zones where players are up to FOUR times more likely to score when shooting between the poles.

In addition to this product being highlighted by the AMAZON CHOICE, the SKLZ Goalshot makes you improve your technique that will subsequently lead to good results within the match.

Investing in quality sports equipment means investing in your training and sports goals.

It is a necessary training tool for any player or coach.



Jorge’s personal opinion

Like the big brands, QUICKPLAY has developed its precision product making it a fundamental tool for training.

It has 7 different interchangeable precision zones to maintain varied exercises.

It is suitable for individual and team training.

Tested and designed in the UK by football players, for football players and used by professional football clubs, schools and universities around the world.

Quick and easy to install, you can move the colored Velcro straps on the net to keep your training exercises dynamic and the player’s visual acuity sharp.



Alex’s personal opinion

The QUICKPLAY Target Sax has dual functionality thanks to the engineers of one of the best brands such as QUICKPLAY. This product makes trips to training easy due to the capacity for 10 soccer balls that can be inserted into the net.

Attach the Target Sax to the goal posts as soon as the training session begins using its simple locking system, to work on your throwing or precision skills.

You can exercise either alone or together with your team as you please, the Target Sax is light and quite portable, so you can place it wherever you want.

This guarantees that you spend hours and hours enjoying one of QUICKPLAY’s star products in terms of sports accessories.


Trademark Target

Jorge’s personal opinion

This set of 2 soccer goal accessories is the perfect aid to improve your scoring chances.

Each target easily attaches to the corners of any size net thanks to the built-in velcro closure.

The targets are useful for all ages and abilities and can be used on any size network.


Soccer Innovations PK Pro Snipers

Alex’s personal opinion

The PK Pro Soccer Innovations Free Kick Training Net is ideal for training with your team or individual free kick training.

Become the best free kick shooter on your team!

In addition, the net can be used as a rebounding net so when there is no goalkeeper available it makes it perfect for training.

This Soccer Innovations net is easy to set up, including elastic straps that adapt perfectly to the soccer goal, and comes with a carrying bag.


Soccer Innovations PK-Pro II Sniper

Jorge’s personal opinion

Precision sniper nets PK-Pro II, created by Soccer Innovations have been designed to increase a player’s goal scoring skills for the duration of a match or during  penalties.

These nets, with different objectives, simulate the areas where it is more likely to score a goal, because the goalkeepers hardly ever stop the ball in those areas.

The materials used for these improved precision nets prevent warping during adverse weather conditions such as rain or wind, ensuring that the shape of the net is preserved during the training session.

Thy fit in to any professional goal, using the velcro straps.


FORZA Pro Target Sheets

Alex’s personal opinion

This premium shooting training net is made by one of the best brands on the market, FORZA.

This net is made for training strikers with four corners for aiming, shooting and scoring.

These corners will help players improve their shooting skills, placement, and power.

The assembly of the net is fast and safe thanks to its high-resistance straps and pins that will prevent it from moving at all when shooting goals.

In addition, it is made of the highest quality mesh and available in 6 sizes.


FORZA Target Sheets

Jorge’s personal opinion

Soccer brand FORZA has done it again, this brand has created the ultimate precision training tool for both forwards and midfielders.

Excellent option for players looking to develop their precision skills.

They are suitable for all ages, available in 9 different sizes to adjust from the smaller goals for the little ones to the professionals players goals.

Designed and tested by experts, these precision nets are made of lightweight materials that are resistant in any environment.


FORZA Top Bins

Jorge’s personal opinion

Again FORZA has created an innovative piece for soccer training sessions.

This innovation is a 1.8 x 1.8 feet soccer goal corner target that focuses on the main scoring area, helping players send the ball beyond the goalkeeper’s reach.

Designed for use with FORZA soccer goals, the Forza Top Bin has 3 tie down straps and 2 floor pegs for quick and secure attachment.

This product is available in packs of 1, 2 or 4 to be used in different goals and exercises.


Football Flick Corner Shot Top Bins

Jorge’s personal opinion

Do you want to increase your skill by scoring goals where the goalkeeper does not reach?

The manufacturer Football Flick has designed these Top Bins with durable and resistant PVC materials to withstand the balls kicked by any player.

This product adapts to any goal and is totally portable, so it can be used at home, in the park, on the training ground or even at school.



Precision accessories are targets or devices that are installed or attached to any soccer goal to significantly improve your skills when shooting on goal, that is, to improve your shots and have a better chance of scoring one or more goals in the same match.

The world of football has not been left behind technologically speaking and, with each passing year, the most popular brands on the planet earth have the need to bring the best and most innovative products to the market.

This is the case of soccer targets and goals that make you improve the accuracy of your shots to score goal and win the game.

These sports accessories are based on strikers as they have more chances to shoot on goal, but who knows if a defender comes across a ball on the edge of the area and scores the goal of your life!

So these accessories are the ones that will make you improve day by day in training.

These products are normally bought together with soccer rebounder bounce-back nets to be able to shoot at goal from different angles.

What is the best football TARGET on the market?

For us, and doing a fairly exhaustive search for the precision aftermarket, one of the best products is the SKLZ shooting net.

This net is a perfect fit for professional goals and makes shooting exercises in training sessions take a qualitative leap.

The SKLZ goalshot target is available in different sizes to perfectly suit your needs.


How to use a TARGET

When using these accessories it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, although it is not very difficult to use either, since they are objects that must be attached and placed on the goal to use them correctly.

There are easier to use practise accessories like football tennis nets if you want something more simple to set up!

Are TARGET worth buying to train football?

Definitely yes, professional teams from all leagues in the world have included these accessories to raise the level of training sessions.

Even the top teams have developed complex precision systems so their players don’t miss an opportunity during the 90 minutes.

So we recommend that you at least include these targets and objectives in your training sessions, you will see that little by little and with a lot of effort your players will improve their shooting ability and accuracy.

And even if you train alone, these precision nets and targets will help you show everyone what you are capable of with work and effort.

What exercises to do with a TARGET

  • Basic drill: Place your target or target net in the goal. Stand on the crescent of the large area and start shooting trying to score a goal through the hole of the accessory you have placed. We recommend that you have more than one ball when performing this drill, as picking up the ball each time you shoot can be boring.

  • Intermediate drill: Place your target or target net in the goal, plus two cones. The first of the cones is located around the large area and the second about 5 to 10 meters. The exercise consists of sprinting with the ball stuck in the feet and cutting to the right and left to later shoot the target in the goal.

Two girls training with football targets
  • Advanced drill: Place your target or target net in the goal, plus about 5 or 6 cones one meter apart each. Try to go as fast between the cones zigzagging with the ball as close to the foot as possible, as the last cone dribbles, throw the ball to the right and left alternately and shoot the training target placed in the goal.

What types of TARGETS do you have?

We have included in our list three different types of precision targets.

As evaluated we can recommend that precision nets, which, adjustable to the goals and with holes in the corners are the most versatile.

In my opinion as a soccer player, these nets are the sports accessory that most closely resembles reality, so the SKLZ GOALSHOT TARGET or FORZA goalshot would meet all expectations.

QUICKPLAY has also wanted to recreate a similar net but with circular holes in the middle of the mesh itself to imitate different types of passes in training.

On the other hand we have the Top Bins or precision targets that you can place where it suits you. Or the QUICKPLAY bag/target, because it is quite convenient to be able to transport the balls and also use it as a precision target for a training session.

Benefits of using a TARGET in your soccer training

We must say in this section that the benefits will not be obtained overnight, you must be constant and dedicated to doing the exercises almost perfectly.

Above all these products are designed for agility and mental speed, aimed to improve precision when trying to score a goal in a match, both finishing inside the area and outside.

They could also be used to improve passes, as some of the products mentioned would give that functionality.

But the reality and purpose of these precision networks is to score goals and win games.

Girl team using football targets to get better

Best brands of TARGETS

In this section, we will always recommend the top brands, because all the different products they manufacture follow high standards and adequate quality.

However, there are brands that specialize in a specific product and develop it to the maximum, so they become the best in the market.

For example, the SOCCER INNOVATIONS brand is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture and sale of football accessories.

Futhermore, brands like SKLZ, FORZA or QUICKPLAY have a much wider range of possibilities than any sports brand, never failing their reputation, which is making good products with good materials.

These large brands are unique but it does not mean that another company will beat them in more specific products.

Best goals to use with a TARGET

We recommend using the targets and precision nets with the goal used in competitions, as it does not make sense to play futsal and buy a net for a professional goal. But above all we can advise you that if you have all the equipment of a brand such as Net World Sports, SKLZ, QUICKPLAY or SAMBA, continue buying from that particular brand, if there is obviously availability, because surely the measurements will match perfectly.

Precision accessories are targets or devices that are installed or attached to any soccer goal to significantly improve your skills when shooting on goal

The best one is the SKLZ shooting net, it fits professional goals and makes shooting exercises in training sessions take a qualitative leap.


A modern accessory to improve your first touch!


A classic, have fun and improve your first touch!