Extremely portable goals, play any time any where. We’ve compiled their best ones!

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Professional bownet football GOAL

Alex’s personal opinion

This Bownet brand goal has the dimension of any professional goal, 24 x 8 feet.

In addition, it comes with Bownet’s patented EAS (Energy Absorption System) technology, transmitting the energy of the ball throughout the goal frame to extend the useful life of the product.

This goal is light and portable anywhere, no matter how large, and Bownet has calculated that it takes only around 135 seconds to set it up.


Bownet mini goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Play anywhere, anytime with the BOWNET portable soccer goal.

One of the best goals manufactured by this brand when we talk about value for money, as well as being one of the best-selling.

All Bownet goals come with Bownet’s EAS (Energy Absorption System) technology helping to remove stress from the net, extending the useful life.

The goal should be assembled in around 60 seconds, in a safe and simple manner.


Bownet futsal FOOTBALL GOAL

Alex’s personal opinion

The official FIFA regulation size futsal goal.

This goal is specifically designed for futsal matches.

It can be used anywhere as it is light, mobile and easy to assemble, but you must take into account the use of a ball and soccer field suitable for this type of game.

The goal can be set up in 120 seconds without the use of any tools.


Bownet portable net

Jorge’s personal opinion

This is a extraordinary versatile net that can be used for a tennis match, a soccer-tennis match or a low barrier to stop poorly executed shots.

Product installation in less than a minute and the net is elastic covered with nylon.


Bownet barrier

Alex’s personal opinion

Portable barrier that can be used as an object to divide the field in training sessions.

This product is a net that acts as a barrier normally located behind the goals to avoid deflected shots.

Made of rigid steel with a rubber underside to prevent damage to the attached surface and to provide stability.

Installs in 80 seconds with two people and without the need for tools.



Take football wherever you want! That’s done with BOWNET portable goals so order Bownet goals and training systems.

Sometimes the most difficult part of soccer is finding a good place or enough people to play, but thanks to the soccer goals manufactured by Bownet Sports, it is possible that youngters and children of all ages and levels play wherever they want, either training or playing a match.

All you need is a place to set up the new goals.

The revolutionary BowPole technology has been used in all Bownet football goals, which makes them very resistant and at the same time easy to install and remove.

What types of goals does Bownet have?

The Bownet brand includes these goals and nets in its catalog:

Portable soccer goals: These goals are differentiated by having a great variety of sizes, from the largest goal you can imagine to play to the smallest for the little ones, they are also characterized by their lightness so they can be transported and assembled with great ease on any pitch.

Bownet has many goals and they are all based on its BowPole technology. Below we show you all the dimensions that Bownet manufactures:

3×5, 4×6, 4×8, 4×12, 4×16, 5×10, 6×12, 6.5×18.5, 7×14, 7×16, 7×21, 8×24 (all measurements are in feet) and a futsal goal.

As for the net to play football-tennis, Bownet only manufactures a specific measure. This portable net can be used to play soccer-tennis, place it as a temporary barrier or even to play tennis if desired.

Finally we have the portable barrier, these items are large nets capable of intercepting your deflected shots without them going too far and wasting time collecting the ball. There are two of these portable barriers , 21.6×8 and 21.6×11.6 (measured in feet).

There are many brands like Forza goals and PUGG soccer nets that also have a great variety of goals to choose and buy!

What is the best football goal from Bownet?

The best goal from Bownet is the Professional football goal because it’s a full size goal and perfect to play games.

We are confident that all goals maunfactured by Bownet are as good as each other.Β 

The best goal is always the one that adapts to your circumstances and the dimensions of the field where you are going to play or train.

Bownet has a great variety of goals for all ages and competitions, from a futsal goal to a soccer goal 11. Bownet also manufactures portable nets to play soccer-tennis or back nets so that you do not miss the ball too far.

What makes Bownet goals different?

You can tell, from the networks and from what many consumers have noticed, that Bownet products are extremely durable and stay anchored more easily than their competitors.

The design and size of the goals also make a difference with respect to its competitors. Since the little ones should not play in the larger goals, Bownet brand has been able to solve this problem in the best possible way.

Bownet also provides a quick setup for your goals.

Two guys training in a bownet goal


Are Bownet goals worth buying to train football?

The advantage of BownetΒ is that it offers a wider range of possibilities with which Bownet has managed to give the versatility of being portable and durable.

Many people find Bownet a slightly higher end of the line brand when considering durability of the product.

So if you’re looking for a stronger product Bownet may be your best option.

As Bownet goals are worth buying, we have also considered the quality of Kwik and SKLZ on our website.

One boy scoring a goal in a bownet goal

What is the newest goal from Bownet?

Bownet mini goal is one of the best goals manufactured by this brand when we talk about value for money, as well as being one of the best-selling and a new product from bownet.

All the goals are relatively new and we will explain why Bownet is constantly increasing the new BowPole technology in its goals.

So every time something new is found and it is known 200% that it is effective, the brand adds that technology to the production process.

What exercises to do with a Bownet goal

  • 5 vs 5 matches: For this type of match we recommend placing the two goals at a distance of around 25 meters. If you want reduced matches to increase the quality of your game, you will have to decrease the space between goals.


  • Possession games: Keep the ball with your teammates and score a goal to win the exercise. We recommend that this exercise should be played by two teams of at least 3 people or more.


Benefits of using a Bownet goals in your soccer training

It’s great to be able to take a goal out of the trunk of your car and have a training session anywhere you like, using the goal size fit for purpose.

A boy training with bownet goals

Bownet mini goal is one of the newest products manufactured by Bownet. It is one of the best-selling products to train with your team.

The best goal from Bownet is the Professional football goal because it’s a full size goal and perfect to play games.


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