Stylish, modern and robust soccer goals. We’ve compiled their best ones!

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ALU110 football GOAL

Alex’s personal opinion

FORZA goals are made of the best materials and guarantee a completely professional development of the game.

The brand is innovating and with considerable effort it is positioning itself as the best brand in the world of football.

The aluminum 110 soccer goals are premium goals, which FORZA guarantees that they can be maintained in any weather conditions and function at maximum performance.

The Alu110 range comes pre-equipped with a sturdy net and twist-and-lock net clips to ensure your teams can train without any hassle.



ALU60 Folding Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

One of the best goals that we can find on the net to use in any professional football match.

This goal is thought in the smallest detail, of an innovative and resilient construction for proper use throughout the year thanks to the aluminum of the goal frame.

We consider this goal to be the most outstanding because in addition to offering its use during competitions as a goal, it is also light and portable thanks to a folding design designed by the FORZA brand.



Alex’s personal opinion

This goal should be included in all top ten, since being made of steel, it may be the most resistant of all.

The resistance has been achieved due to its strong galvanized steel posts, being able to use this goal anywhere and at any time.

The Forza brand has taken into account the different sports categories and depending on the category it is manufacturing the Steel42 goal with 4 sizes different.


FORZA Pod Aluminum Folding Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

This goal is designed for premium training. Also, it has been supplied to some of the best Premier League clubs and the quality of these soccer goals has been recognized by the best soccer clubs in the world.

The soccer goal offers state-of-the-art construction to players and coaches of all levels.

This goal has a fluorescent yellow micromesh net thus guaranteeing a good training session thanks to the fact that the net is quite visible.

Also, the Forza Aluminum has an assembly of nothing more than 10 seconds. This doesn’t mean that it is not rigid or it doesn’t hold on the ground, far from it.

TheΒ goal is made from high-strength aluminum that makes it usable during countless training sessions.



Jorge’s personal opinion

Fundamental training goal for the development of any player.

The goal posts are flexible and designed with a lightweight frame for easy handling and movement.

This portable goal can be assembled and disassembled in 90 seconds and does not require any tools.

We can say that it is the perfect size for use by children and adolescents, as well as in training sessions and clubs.

These soccer goals are suitable for use on all playing surfaces.



Alex’s personal opinion

The FORZA brand has made a commitment to the customer to manufacture these quick-fold, portable and multi-terrain goals, the half-moon pop-up goals being one of the best goals to take anywhere.

The half-moon pop up goal is made to give it to your sons and daughters and have fun for hours and hours.

You can buy the different sizes and You can enjoy playing football matches anywhere and at any time thanks to how light these goals can be.

Recommended for children under 12 years



FORZA is led by football enthusiasts, motivated on a daily basis to offer a professional football service to every possible corner.

It is this combination of passion, energy and knowledge that has evolved FORZA from an idea into the UK’s leading supplier of PVC football goals.


The jewel in FORZA’s crown is a wide range of soccer goals. The quality manufacturing, its unbeatable value and the wide variety of products has led the brand to be one of the best valued in the beautiful sport.

FORZA goals have unbeatable characteristics since, from their manufacture to their release, they have worked tirelessly to ensure that the goal is of superior quality as well as being accessible as is the most followed sport on the planet.

What types of goals does Forza have?

FORZA has been manufacturing a large number of goals, where they are classified differently and according to specifications:

The ALU110 goal is an aluminum goal made to be used on all surfaces. It is made from premium materials to provide unique professional performance along with a self-contained design by not requiring permanent attachment.

These goals are available in different sizes and at the same time you can choose between the fixed (socketed) and the movable (freestanding) goal.

The ALU110 goal is very durable and robust, while maintaining a lightweight design.

It can be purchased with the lever-type wheels, this is optional, to raise the goal off the ground and move it easily and in addition, internal counterweights can also be included to fix the goal to the ground throughout the game.


ALU60 goal, made of resistant 60 mm diameter aluminum for training and matches.

Soccer goal of all sizes with the versatility to be used by both young and old, and at the same time by coaches, who seek to simulate real playing conditions during training sessions.

Incredibly rugged, portable, and reliable. These soccer goals are internationally recognized and comply with FIFA and UEFA regulations.

FORZA has manufactured this type of ALU60 portable soccer goal, which does not require too much effort to move to the place of the field where it is desired.

This feature makes it perfect for clubs and coaches who share playing space with other age groups and teams, typically requiring the effort of two people to lift and transport the goal.

The FORZA brand has designed the Steel42 goal, made of resistant galvanized steel. The objective that has been proposed for this goal is to give it resistance and robustness with steel, committing itself to the mobility of the goal at any desired time. Perfect for coaches and youth teams playing on the same court.

FORZA wanted the Steel42 16×7 Ft goal to be the best on the market for youth and 9 vs 9 games. Accessories are included for a secure and simple hold, as well as U-shaped anchor pegs that keep the goal rooted. on the floor.

The futsal goals are also being manufactured with this same material, these are designed with a light and weather-resistant frame so that matches and training sessions can be carried out anywhere.

Match, this goal is designed for youth games of 9 vs 9 although it is equally valid for constant improvement in senior training sessions. This soccer goal is truly useful for coaches and players of all levels.

Its lightweight and portable design makes this goal have a triple objective, to be used in the backyard of your house, training sessions or games with the family. We must make the most of what the FORZA Match goal can offer us as it is one of the few multipurpose football goals.

Pro, goals made to play in the garden and designed for the little ones. These mini soccer goals are a scaled-down variation of full-fledged soccer specifically designed for youth under 11 years of age.

Designed to promote fairness and enjoyment for children, this new way of playing requires specific equipment for training, games or even tournaments that you can organize in the garden or backyard that will make young people feel like their favorite players.

The assembly time of this mini soccer goal is very fast. PVC posts snap together with ease, providing quick and hassle-free assembly.

Once the goal is assembled and the posts are in place, they will be held securely together thanks to FORZA’s locking system, an innovative new feature that makes it incredibly strong.

Target, in this range of possibilities and with this name FORZA calls its goals Pop up, ProFlex, mini target and folding aluminum goal.

These mini-goals are made to improve your passing and shooting skills whether training or coaching on your own, these goals offer a perfect combination of low maintenance and high quality.

The Target are easy to assemble and disassemble without the need for any tools, allowing a game or training session to be played as soon as possible and at any time.

There are other brands like Bownet goals and Pugg soccer nets that also have a vast variety of goals to choose from!

What is the best football goal from FORZA?

The best goal is the aluminum 110 football goal. These are premium goals and FORZA guarantees that they can be maintained in any weather conditions and function at maximum performance.

Just comment, that in my opinion, FORZA does not make better or worse goals.

This question must be answered by yourself and following the specifications at all times.

Why are you not going to buy a futsal goal for a soccer field 11 right?

The need that you have will make you buy one or the other goal, since FORZA has a range of different goals, one respecting the other that you can choose from.

You can also check which are the best goals in Kwik and SKLZ.

What makes FORZA goals different?

At Net World Sports, maker of FORZA, all they try to do is give the customer the best of the best.

The brand has great potential in sourcing and manufacturing high-quality sports products, delivering orders in the shortest time possible, and constantly striving to deliver unbeatable value.

The dedication obtained to offer the best possible experience.

Thanks to Forza products and being present all over the world, the products are truly tested and help to score goals, make better shots and hit better balls

Forza goal and a goalkeeper trying to stop a goal


Are FORZA goals worth buying to train football?

The professionalism of maintaining quality at affordable prices runs through the entire FORZA range, from soccer balls to the simplest training goal. Another great brand that keeps up its quality and professionalism is QUICKPLAY.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a soccer fan or outfitting your soccer team, FORZA is your best option and possibly the only one that meets all the needs you may have.

What is the newest goal from FORZA?

The FORZA brand has made a commitment to the customer to manufacture these quick-fold, portable and multi-terrain goals, the half-moon pop up goal is made to give to your sons and daughters and have fun for hours and hours.

We affirm that a brand as powerful as FORZA is constantly being renewed and we can come to think that it brings new goals to the market every two by three, but it is not like that.

Forza seeks excellence in its goals and continually looks at the small defects or flaws it may have.

Therefore FORZA and its manufacturer Net World Sports are updating and improving their products with the best technology available.

It is for this reason that both its goals and accessories are relatively new by improving failures each time the product is tested.

What exercises to do with a FORZA goal

  • Matches of 5 vs 5, 11 vs 11 or any number of people depending on the goal purchased.


For this type of match, we recommend placing the two goals at a distance of around 25 meters. If you want reduced matches to increase the quality of your game, decrease the space between goals.

  • Possession games: Keep the ball with your teammates and score a goal to win the exercise. We recommend that this exercise should be played by two teams of at least 3 people or more.


Forza Football field before exercises

Benefits of using a FORZA goals in your soccer training

It’s great to be able to take a goal size you want out of the trunk of your car and have a training session anywhere

Man in blue shirt playing in a Forza goal

The half-moon pop up goal from FORZA has been manufactured to be quick-fold, portable and used in multi-terrain goals.Β  It is made to have fun for hours and hours.

The best goal is the aluminum 110 football goal. It is a premium goal that can be used anytime and anywhere.


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