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PRO Training Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

This perfect training goal is made to be set up and taken down in minutes, all you have to do is make sure it’s taut.

You will be impressed with the goal made by the GOAL ME brand. It has received the Professional Training Goal award.

It weighs less than 30 pounds and packs into a bag that is less than one percent of the overall size of the goal.

And since this goal is in one piece, you will avoid losing any part that may come. Don’t wait for a field. Make one.



Medium Pop Up Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

GOLME PRO pop-up soccer goals are another great way to play anytime.

Like the PUGG goals, this set also comes with two goals included, so you don’t have to worry about buying another goal separately.

PRO Pop Up comes with specially designed multi-grip stakes that keep goals anchored and supported.

It is available in various sizes and is safe for players and teams of all ages.

With its X-Strong frame crafted from high-intensity reflective mesh, PRO Pop Up has been built for hours of fun as the sun goes down.


Small Pop Up Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

If you want a soccer goal to play with your child at any time, the PRO Pop-Up is ideal for days at the beach and trips to parks, even to play in the backyard of the house.

Thanks to the X-Strong frame that is created with the best materials and with the high-intensity reflective mesh, the PRO Pop-Up is perfect for hours and hours of fun.


Big Pop Up Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Pack of 2 pop-up soccer goals to play with your friends anytime, anywhere.

It includes a transport bag to be able to play instantly and later store it without any problem.

Thanks to the new indestructible frame and the different sizes manufactured by GolMe, these pop-up soccer goals are one of the best products you can find in the sports market.


PUGG Portable Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The PUGG brand manufactures the best pop-up goals since it was a pioneer in the manufacture of this type of goal.

The founder of PUGG saw the same problem that many of us have encountered when playing football in the off-season, so he thought of what would be the easiest way to transport a goal simply and compactly.

With each order come two goals along with a bag for transport.

The configuration is quick and simple, the hooks that we anchor are to give stability to the goal and to be able to play on any surface.

The soccer goals are lightweight and durable, making them ideal for coaches to set up multiple pitches and create their custom drills with ease.



GolMe is a family business that aims to design and manufacture the best portable football goals.

At this very moment, we can say that they are succeeding since their reviews and comments on Amazon are almost excellent.

GolMe sells two types of goals, the pop-up goal that is focused on children and for precision exercises manufactured in three different sizes and the larger goal that is also manufactured and designed according to the category in which you play, such as the size for adults or youth.

A soccer ball on a football field

What is the best football goal from GOLME?

The best GolMe goal is the PRO Training Football Goal. This football goal is conceived and designed for professional or youth training since 3 different sizes are manufactured.

It can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes, although you must be careful to follow step by step and tighten the football goal well so that it does not fall.

The advantage that GolMe portable goals have is that they are very light, specifically, these football goals weigh around 30 pounds.

And thanks to the bag to transport it, you can place the goals according to the exercises you have designed. In addition, the PRO Training football goal has received the award for the best Professional Training Goal.


What makes Golme goals different?

What makes Golme football goals different is the lightness and quality with which they manufacture their products. Golme football goals are highly valued among the people who buy their products.

The difference that the Golme sports brand has from its competitors is that you can take the football goal wherever you want and place it on any field to start playing football with your friends or train alone. Golme also stands out for having a wide range of sizes.

Are Golme goals worth buying to train football?

Of course! Golme’s goals are among the best on the market, and they also have positive reviews from all their customers.

Some of the goals have more than 1500 reviews and an average of 4.7/5, this means that the Golme brand does not make cheap and short-lasting products.

Golme wants to offer a unique user experience with its football goals. These goals are lightweight and compact for use anywhere, anytime.

A young goalkeeper training for his match

What sizes of Golme goals do you have?

Golme manufactures 5 different sizes of football goals:

The GOLME PRO Training ootball Goal is manufactured in two sizes which are 24′ x 8′ adult regulation football goals and 18’5′ x 6’5′ teen regulation football goals. These football goals are made to be football goals for training before the competition.

The GOLME PRO Pop Up Football Goal is manufactured in three different sizes. The first with a length of 6 feet, the second is manufactured with a length of 4 feet and the third, being the smallest football goal, is 2.5 feet long.

Can you use Golme goals indoors?

Yes. Although we recommend using the pop-up football goals made by Golme as indoor football goals.

These football goals are relatively small and you can place it in places in your house that are a bit spacious for your children to have fun.

Of course, be careful and buy a soft foam ball first!!

What terrain is best to play with a Golme goal?

It is possible to play on all imaginable surfaces with the football goals manufactured by the Golme brand.

The football goals include stakes so you can place them on soft surfaces such as natural grass.

For harder surfaces, you will need to buy bags of sand so that it does not move, or simply, this is a homemade trick that has worked for all of us, you can place a backpack with books or some heavy object so that it does not move.

A kid playing soccer football on a field

What is the newest goal from Golme?

It’s the PRO Pop Up Football Goals, which includes two collapsible pop-up football goals with a carry bag and is 4 feet long.

This football goal from Golme comes with a new hard-to-break frame, a weather-resistant and ultra-reflective net for years of play.

This pop-up goal has become so popular because it is perfect for players and teams of all ages and skill levels.

What exercises to do with a Golme goal

7 vs 7 matches: In this type of reduced game we recommend placing the two goals at a distance of about 100 feet. If the coach wants to increase the intensity of the exercise, the field will have to be smaller to increase the quality of your game and develop mental skills.

2 vs 2 Dribbling: Communicate with your partner to win the match by dribbling and passing fast. You must place the goals at a distance that you think is convenient, we recommend about 35 feet, to be able to dribble with enough space while having many game actions to improve.

Precision drills: Place the goal at a distance of 15 feet. Progressively increase the distance from the goal as the milestone of scoring a goal on the football ball is achieved.

One soccer player scoring from the penalty box

What types of goals does Golme have?

Golme manufactures two different types of football goals

The first one is made of fiberglass and they are the PRO Pop Up Football Goals. These football goals are very light, easy to transport and you can use them anywhere. As we have already mentioned before, this type of football goal is manufactured in three different sizes.

The PRO Training Football Goal is made from durable and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. Even so, it has a patented design in which it is only one piece that is assembled and disassembled in 3 minutes.

Benefits of using a Golme goals in your soccer training

The best benefit of the Golme brand is the ease of transport their soccer goals. One weighs around 30 pounds and the other one weighs 3 pounds.

That means you can use the soccer goals wherever and whenever you want.

In addition, the biggest soccer goals are officially regulated, so you can train with them without any problem and then play the weekend games with your team.

They also offer a sturdy range of children’s soccer goals that can be used indoors and outdoors.

The best GolMe goal is the PRO Training Soccer Goal. This soccer goal is conceived and designed for professional and youth players.

It’s the PRO Pop Up Soccer Goals, which includes two collapsible pop-up soccer goals with a carry bag and is 4 feet long.

Yes. Although we recommend using the pop-up soccer goals made by Golme as indoor soccer goals.


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