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Kwik Deluxe European Club Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

Possibly the best goal we can find on the KWIK page. Although this goal is found in the training section, size 8×24 feet, it could be used in any professional football match.

The construction of the Kwik Deluxe European Club Goal is made with aluminium, the material used to play at a professional level. The goal includes a 3”round aluminium frame, which increases ease and safety of movement.

Kwik Lock net clips are included and hooked into the Kwik Lock net system around the entire frame, eliminating pins and making field maintenance easy. With this goal you can play on all ground surfaces.


Kwik Goal Fusion 120 Goal with Wheels

Jorge’s personal opinion

The Kwik Goal Fusion 120 soccer goal complies with NCAA and NFHS American standards. This goal is specifically designed to play on combined football and soccer fields.

Includes a removable aluminium rear lower bar behind the side posts, so the goal can be placed under any vertical football support.

The frame is 4″ round aluminium and the goal can be used on all surfaces. With the Kwik Lock net system, the net is hooked throughout the frame.

The Kwik Goal Fusion 120 includes 4 wheels per goal, which increases the ease and safety of movement from one place to another.


Kwik Goal Infinity Lite Pop Up Soccer Goal Set

Alex’s personal opinion

The KWIK Infinity Lite line offers coaches, players and families a cheaper option to buy small goals so they can do training sessions and technical short games with more intensity.

These goals are made with a fiberglass frame and a folding design, facilitating assembly and disassembly anywhere.

In addition, it has a striking reflective band that marks the opening of the goal.


Kwik Goal Weighted Infinity Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

The Kwik Goal Weighted Infinity has an innovative base allowing the goal to be used on any ground surface such as natural grass, artificial grass, the gym and even in parking lots without the need to anchor the goals with stakes to start playing.

The goal is made with reinforced nylon corners, a 15mm double-layer polyester net and an innovative base for added stability.

This product includes a carrying bag.


Kwik Goal Infinity Square Pop Up Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The Kwik Goal Infinity Square Pop Up Goal has a unique square design. Giving younger players a growing advantage as this pop-up goal mimics professional soccer goals.

The Kwik Goal Infinity series goals have an exclusive design, being the most durable pop-up goals on the market.

The elastic strap anchors will hold the goal in place and while in storage, the velcro straps will keep the goal in a secure, folded position.

From the car to the playing field, the Kwik Goal Infinity Series is a convenient solution for all training sessions. This goal folds up and stores in the carry bag as one piece.


Kwik Goal Kwik Flex Futsal Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

Kwik has designed this portable football goal to withstand continuous travel and use.

Being light and portable you can move the goal around the field effortlessly. Installation and disassembly can be done in minutes and is suitable for children and adults.

The Kwik Goal Kwik Flex Futsal Goal is made from fiberglass and metal and is designed to be easily installed and removed without the need for tools.

Tension bars, vinyl posts, and crossbar give the Kwik Flex soccer goal the appearance of a professional soccer goal.


Kwik Goal Evolution 2.1 Football Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The Evolution 2.1 football goal is designed to the smallest detail to withstand the highest demands that come when palying sports, from school lowest level to MLS professionals and other professional leagues.

This goal features a round aluminium crossbar and post, including the Kwik Lock net system around the frame for added net support.

Also the Evolution 2.1 has a sleek black and white net, with a support strap, Kwik Lock net clips, and four semi-permanent ground anchors.

You can see that this goal is different from the rest because of a special design: a frame between the corner that forms the crossbar and the post to the base givingΒ  stability to the goal.


Kwik Mini Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The Kwik Mini Soccer Goal is ideal for use at home or to play in any room with your young children.

Included is a 5-inch foam soccer ball that is light and soft, providing a safe and fun playing environment for all ages.

No tools are needed to assemble the goal and it is super portable.



The Kwik Goal brand was created with the idea of revolutionizing the market and manufacturing transportable goals for buyers of all ages.

Kwik Goal has been manufacturing high-quality goals, training equipment and benches for three decades selling around the nation and internationally.

Kwik Goal is the largest manufacturer of football goals and field equipment in the Western Hemisphere and 45% of its product line is manufactured in the USA.

Kwik Goal offers a versatile line of products where the idea is that each goal can be useful for training in the backyard or playing in the best fields in the world.

What types of goals does KWIK have?

Kwik divides its goals into 3 sections, although in our opinion they should be at least 4 or 5. Since the soccer brand divides its goals according to training goals, games goals and pop-up goals, we will follow the same organization but we will explain in more detail some of the goals.

Game goals: In this section, we can find at least 3 worthwhile goals. In the first place we have the Fusion Goal with different sizes.Β  Secondly, the Kwik Goal Fusion 120 Goal is quite good because it has wheels, can move around the entire football field and it fits with the vertical football supports ofΒ  American football. Finally the Goal Evolution 2.1 Soccer Goal extensively usedΒ  by high schools and MLS teams, who have already purchased this product.

Training goals: We highlight two goals and you will see they are slightly different. The first is the Deluxe European Goal, which, in our opinion, is the best goal and the most versatile of all goals Kwik sells on Amazon, thanks to its characteristics and a great variety of sizes on offer.

And then, we have the new goals manufactured in the Kwik Flex line as the Flex Futsal Goal and the Flex Goal. These goals are very light and easy to transport so you can train or play where you want and when you want.

Pop-up goals: It is known that these goals are the smallest goals in the market and Kwik Goal has differentiated its pop-up goals into 3 sections too.

The Kwik Goal Infinity Lite Pop Up, is the cheapest of all of the pop-ups and the ones with the smallest size.

The normal line as the Infinity Pop-Up and the Infinity Square. These would be at a medium price.

And finally, the goals that they call heavy as they do not need stakes to provide stability as the Weighted Infinity Β and the Infinity Square Weighted.

There are many brands like for example Forza goals that also is great to choose football goals from.

What is the best football goal from KWIK?

For us, the best goal is the Kwik Deluxe European Club Goal.

This goal can be used throughout the year on all types of terrain.Β  It is made of aluminium and has 6 different sizes to choose from.

Although Kwik is offering this product on the training goals section, we think for our own experience, that the 8 x 24-foot goal could be perfectly used in a professional game, following quality standards and FIFA regulations.

Hence for security reasons, KWIK has designed a Kwik Lock netting system that includes sturdy clips for a completely secure net. The net supports are European-style, which gives this goal an international flair.

What makes KWIK goals different?

The KWIK Goal is different because they have taken football growth and improvement seriously every day and firmly believe that technical and physical ability improves when coaches have access to the best sports accessories.

Kwik is constantly growing by partnering with the United Football Coaches Association, ensuring that every effort is made to improve access to sports education and tailoring all products as needed.

Kwik Goal brand have built a reputation for providing high quality, durable and safe products, that coaches can rely on for all their football-related needs.

As a specialized football company, KWIK Goal offers a wide range of products and looks for ways to improve through testing and feedback from coaches and players.

Other brands specialized in football as Bownet and Pugg soccer nets give the user a wonderful experience with their goals.

A soccer goalkeeper saving a goal in a soccer field


Are kwik goals worth buying to train football?

Kwik Goal products are worth buying. They have a reputation for providing high quality, durable and safe goals and, as a specialized football company, KWIK Goal offers a wide range of products.

Each one of Kwik Goal’s products is designed with safety as the main concern, so the products can be used by children and adults. Kwik guarantees on their page that all of their sports equipment are not only safe to use, but that those who use it know how to do it correctly.

Two players shooting on a Kwik goal in a football field

What is the newest goal from KWIK?

The new Kwik Flex Soccer Goal is the latest addition to the goal line.

It is made of fiberglass and ultra-durable metal and can be easily assembled and disassembled without the need for tools.

Tension bars, vinyl posts, and crossbar give the Kwik flex soccer goal the look of a traditional soccer goal.

Being a lightweight and portable goal, the Kwik Flex Goal can be transported anywhere you want to train or play. The same thing as the new QUICKPLAY nets, a 2-in-1 goal that has dual functionality in its design.

What exercises to do with a KWIK goal

  • Matches of 5 vs 5, 11 vs 11 or any number of people depending on the goal purchased. For this type of match, we recommend placing the two goals at a distance of around 25 meters. If you want reduced matches to increase the quality of your game, decrease the space between goals.


  • Possession games: Keep the ball with your teammates and score a goal to win the exercise. We recommend that this exercise should be played by two teams of at least 6 people or more.


A team practising with Kwik soccer equipment in a football field

Does the Kwik brand have other football products?

Kwik has many different products. For example, Kwik Goal has training poles and sticks for speed and agility exercises. It also has mannequins and stands for artificial grass.

Of course, it makes different types of rebounders such as the Kwik Goal Back Rebounder and the Kwik Goal AFR-2 Rebounder and soccer tennis nets, Kwik soccer tennis net.

In addition, Kwik has training equipment for speed and agility, balls, pumps and accessories such as cones and scrimmage vests.

Besides, KWIK Goal offers nets of different colors and sizes, just in case the net of your goal, your rebounder or your football-tennis net breaks.

Kwik Goal also has the coaches in mind and offers tactical boards, whistles and coaching notebooks as well as portable 6-seat and individual chairs.

SKLZ is proud to provide different quality and well-manufactured products to choose and try.

Benefits of using a KWIK goals in your soccer training

The benefit of using a Kwik goal in your soccer training is that you can make the field as wide and long as you want since their goals can be moved easily, depending on the training session you have prepared.

The best way to improve soccer skills is by using different goals and exercise routines with sports accessories, helping you improve your soccer skills. For example, having three small goals, countless exercises can be done, such as accuracy in shooting or passing.

Training with the rest of the team is quite beneficial, but there are some things that people do not have time to learn or do during training. So having your own soccer goal can help you train and improve your confidence with the ball.

A young soccer player stepping on a KWIK football ball

The new Kwik Flex Soccer Goal is the latest addition to the goal line. It is made of fiberglass and ultra-durable metal

The best goal is the Kwik Deluxe European Club Goal. This goal can be used throughout the year and on all types of terrain


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