The crowned market kings of pop up goals. We’ve compiled their best ones!

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Alex’s personal opinion

The PUGG brand manufactures the best pop up goals, since it was a pioneer in the manufacture of this type of goal.

The founder of PUGG saw the same problem that many of us have encountered when playing football in the off-season, so he thought about what would be the easiest way to transport a goal in a simple and compact way.

Two goals come with each order along with a bag for transport.

The configuration is as fast and simple, the hooks that we anchor are to give stability to the goal and to be able to play on any surface.

The goals are lightweight and durable, making them ideal for coaches to set up multiple fields and create their own custom drills with ease.



PUGG Ultra Q5 Weighted pop up football Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

According to the Pugg brand, this pop up goal is designed and manufactured for professional players and coaches.

The heavyweight Ultra Q5 works on all surfaces without the need for pins or grips to hold it.

Each Ultra Q5 weighted goal comes with a stronger nylon base for areas that come into contact with the ground.

This thick material provides stability and increased durability.


PUGG Small pop up football GOAL

Alex’s personal opinion

The small PUGG goal was created to go anywhere for the smallest soccer players.

Its pegs provide stability for soft ground or grass surfaces.

Small pop-up goals are quick to assemble for training or mini games.

The pack comes with two 2 ‘5 Ft PUGG goals in a bag for transport.



The PUGG brand was originally the brainchild of an American who could only play soccer from the end of the harsh American winter and until it started again at the end of the fall.

At that time, at the end of each game the goals had to be collected and it was then, in one of the games, when saying ‘pick-up-game-goal’ that the best known pop up goals goal brand was named.

This brand is one of the pioneers in terms of pop-up goals that is currently known.

PUGG is recommended by American professional athletes as it is manufactured with very good materials and more than anything because it is the ORIGINAL in terms of this type of goal.

What types of goals does Pugg have?

PUGG has three types of goals which are normally called the small, medium and large size. In my opinion I would divide it into the classic goals, the heavy ones or the ULTRA series and the U90.

Classic goals come in three different sizes and all of these goals can be perfectly anchored to the ground with the pegs that come when you buy them.

These are the different sizes of the classic PUGG goals: 6ft, 4ft and 2.5 ft pop up

The ULTRA or heavy series with the following goals:

The Q5 goal, this goal works perfectly on all types of surfaces and without the need to hold it. According to Pugg it is designed for professional players and coaches.

The U90 has been manufactured for maximum stability on artificial and natural surfaces.

Little Beast, the latest edition of ULTRA line of pop up goals

The U90 goals differ from the others by having the shape of a professional goal, that is, a rectangular shape.

U90 Weighted, take it wherever you want with great capacity to absorb the most powerful shots and stay in place the whole game.

U90 is built with reinforced front corners for increased stability and improved performance.

There are a few soccer brands like Bownet goals and Pugg soccer nets that also have a great variety of goals to choose and buy!

What is the best football goal from PUGG?

The ULTRA series is the best since it is designed for elite players and coaches.

At PUGG, two types of goals are sold, which is why, being such a powerful goal brand and so specialized in pop-up goals, all its resources are used to improve daily and according to the opinions of its users.

What makes PUGG goals different?

The PUGG brand is one of the best in pop up goals and was a pioneer in the manufacture of this type of goal.

Thanks to the founder of PUGG, who realized the problem that many soccer players have had when playing in the off-season, so he created a compact and portable way in which friends could organize a quick match.

What became as a entertainment has ended up being a fundamental tool in the development of the little ones and in precision exercises of the older ones

PUGG goal looks different than other better


Are pugg goals worth buying to train football?

Absolutely yes! The ease of use and portability of the PUGG goals allow coaches to set up training sessions and multiple small pitches in a matter of seconds.

PUGGs are light and durable and are becoming the favorite of many trainers, becoming a very particular tool when training.

A couple of PUGG goals underneath a mountain

What is the newest goal from pugg?

The brand PUGG is constantly innovating and thinking in how to get the best product.

It is for that reason that for many years they have been developing the goal PUGG ULTRA.

This goals is probably one of the best pop up goals in the market right now.

Kwik and SKLZ have manufactured quality and brand new goals too. These kinds of brands are the best ones.

What exercises to do with a FORZA goal

  • Precision drills: Set the goal at a distance of 10 meters and then progressively increase as the ball gets into the goal


  • 1 vs 1 dribbling: dribble and score! Place the goals at a considerable distance to be able to dribble with spaces and be able to win.


  • Possession games: Keep the ball with your teammates and score a goal to win the exercise. We recommend that this exercise should be played by two teams of at least 3 people or more.


Benefits of using a FORZA goals in your soccer training

It’s great to be able to take a goal size you want out of the trunk of your car and have a training session anywhere

Picture of a PUGG goal at night

The Little Beast pop-up goal is the latest edition of the ULTRA line made by PUGG

The ULTRA series is the best since it is designed for elite players and coaches.


Forza has been making goals for years!


The new wave of football training!


The official partner of the US National team!


The Bownet football have a very clean style!