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Samba Backyard Football Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The best football goal you can use in your garden to have fun is the Samba Backyard Football Goal.

This goal is made of high-resistance PVC. It can be used throughout the year and by all types of players as it will withstand the hardest shots.

In addition, the Samba goals are light, easy to assemble and can be assembled on any terrain. Being fully foldable they fit easily in a car.

This goal is being used by academies, schools and professional clubs around the world.


SAMBA Original Portable Football Goals

Jorge’s personal opinion

Samba’s original soccer goals are used by professional soccer clubs due to the consistency and reliability of the product.

The manufacture is made with PVC material and thicker corners, making the original Samba goal stronger than other soccer goals you can find on the market.

High impact resistant PVC with a diameter of 68 millimeters is essential along with the innovative locking system for the goal to keep all the pieces together during matches.


Samba 2-in-1 Locking Football Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

Very versatile soccer goal of 12 x 6 feet that you can convert to an 8 x 6 foot goal.

This goal includes 2 nets for the two goals of different sizes, clips to hold the nets and stakes to anchor the goal depending on the pitch.

It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), manufactured and tested so you can play in any weather condition.


Samba Match Football Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

The soccer goals of the Samba collection are the ones you will see in semi-professional soccer schools and academies.

These soccer goals are one of the best products on the market.

The new Samba Locking system keeps all the pieces together and prevents the folding goals from accidentally collapsing.

Both the goals and the nets are 100% weather resistant and can be used outside all year round.


Samba Futsal Match Football Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The Samba futsal goal is the ideal one and meets all the minimum requirements to play matches and tournaments, with this kind of football goal you would usually play indoors.

These types of goals are the typical ones you see in any schoolyard or pavilion.

They are made with a locking system that adds stability and strength to the goal frame so that any player can use them.

It complies with the quality of European standard EN71.



The production and distribution of the Samba sports brand throughout the UK have been a success.

Such success has been worth it because Samba has sold more than 1 million goals throughout the world, among which Premier League teams such as Arsenal, Manchester United, or Chelsea.

These portable, folding and lightweight goals have evolved over many years thanks to continuous improvement processes instilled by an effective and solid management.

According to the Samba sports brand, the company has more than 135 years of engineering experience within the business, with key employers who have worked extensively in the aerospace industry, driving the continuous development and improvement of Samba products.

A football goalkeeper trying to stop a shoot

In February 2005 B G Sports International Ltd (T/A Samba Sports) achieved ISO 9001:2015 accreditation from ISOQAR for its quality management systems. Samba is now audited on an annual basis to ensure we maintain our methods and systems to a high quality.

What is the best football goal from Samba?

The best Samba goal is the Samba Backyard Football Goal. This goal has been made by people who know a lot about soccer and specifically for soccer players since 1995.

The goal is very resistant thanks to the material, it is made of PVC, so it can be used throughout the whole year and in all types of climates without worrying about what may happen.

It is easy to use as it is super light and easy to assemble, all the pieces are fully collapsible with the Samba locking system.

The pieces of the goal fit perfectly in the trunk of a car. Samba offers a one-year guarantee, in addition, all football goals are certified by FA quality standards.


What makes Samba goals different?

What makes Samba soccer goals different is the quality of the materials they use to make them. Samba has been the number 1 selling sports brand in the UK since 1995.

With the robustness of these football goals, they can withstand outside all year round. It means that they have soccer goals that are highly valued at a professional level.

In addition, all the goals have a guarantee in case they break. Because Samba is different from other soccer goal sellers, it is used in schools, clubs and soccer academies.

A soccer player stepping on a ball

Are Samba goals worth buying to train football?

It is worth buying a Samba brand soccer goal. Soccer goalposts are like those in official competitions.

Samba has an innovative locking system designed by professionals that locks the goal pieces once assembled. So you can use, shoot as hard and as many times as you want the Samba soccer goals.

What sizes of Samba goals do you have?

Samba manufactures around 8 different sizes of football goals. Made for teenagers and children, for the best football academies and also for schools.

The biggest football goal is the Match Football Goal, this goal measures 16 x 7 feet and is one of the highest quality Samba goals.

There are smaller ones like the Backyard Soccer Goal with a size of 8 x 6 feet.

Samba has also done his homework and they have made a 2×1 football goal, which can be converted from a 12 x 6-foot soccer goal to an 8 x 6-foot goal at any time.

Even Samba produces goals for futsal pitches, which are becoming more and more trendy.

Can you use Samba goals indoors?

Yes. Samba has designed the soccer goals so they can be used indoors and outdoors.

What’s more, the Samba futsal goal is typically used for sports halls. These soccer goals, being made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, will remain standing at all times.

What terrain is best to play with a Samba goal?

Any terrain is perfect to play with a Samba soccer goal. Soccer goals are made from a great versatile plastic material called polyvinyl chloride.

Therefore, you will be able to play with any soccer goal made by Samba on any terrain. You also have to be smart and know how to differentiate that futsal goals are used on firm ground and Original Portable Goals are rather for softer ground such as grass.

A view of a soccer football field

What is the newest goal from Samba?

The Samba soccer goal is the Samba 2-in-1 Locking Football Goal Post.

This soccer goal has the thickest corners as it is made from 68mm high impact resistant PVC, so it will withstand harder hits. The 2 in 1 soccer goal can be assembled as a soccer goal size 12 x 6 feet or if you want it a little smaller than 8 x 6 feet, that is, it adjusts to your needs at all times.

Thanks to the Samba locking system, the soccer goal is being used for personal use and by sports clubs.

What exercises to do with a Samba goal

6 vs 6 matches: These matches are simple and very dynamic. You have to place the goals approximately 70 feet apart, make two teams and let the best team win.

In this second exercise, you will improve your speed and hitting. Place two cones about 20 inches or 50 centimeters from the posts, then place the ball about 30 yards away and stand next to the goal. Ready to start, run towards the ball as fast as possible, control it and try to score between the space you have left between the cone and the post. To continue improving you can either time yourself, you will gain in speed, or adjust the cones more to the posts, you will gain in the definition.

Train your hitting accuracy by hitting the crossbar and posts from different angles and positions. This exercise will seem boring, but if you play with friends and bet whoever loses pays for dinner, it will be super fun and competitive.

A football team celebrating a goal

What types of goals does Samba have?

Samba has specialized in manufacturing polyvinyl chloride goals for more than 20 years.

He has also designed steel or aluminum products, although these are not as good as PVC goals.

Benefits of using a Samba goals in your soccer training

The benefits of using PVC soccer goals are many. The first of all is the fact that you can make the field as big as you want, as they are lightweight soccer goals that are easy to transport.

Second, you will improve your soccer and athletic skills by being able to vary the number of exercises and adapt them to your needs.

And finally, having soccer goals that you can assemble and disassemble in a matter of minutes will allow you to train alone or with friends, so staying home with your mobile is no longer an excuse.

Three ypung soccer players after a practice

The best Samba goal is the Samba Backyard Football Goal. This goal has been made by people who know a lot about soccer and specifically for soccer players since 1995.

What makes Samba soccer goals different is the quality of the materials they use to make them. Samba has been the number 1 selling sports brand in the UK since 1995.

The Samba soccer goal is the Samba 2-in-1 Locking Football Goal Post. This soccer goal has the thickest corners as it is made from 68mm high impact resistant PVC.


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