Best childrenS BABY Football Goals

Children’s football goals are a perfect introduction to football training. Your toddler is a start in the making!

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BEST Baby toddler children FOOTBALL GOAL

Sport Squad Portable Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

Playing soccer anywhere, anytime is possible with the Sport Squad Soccer Net. It is made of lightweight materials and comes with a bag for easy storage.

This goal is ready to use when you open it, so it is available at all hours. You only have to fix it correctly to the ground with the included high-strength steel stakes.

Good to prevent the little ones from spending all day in front of a screen!


Franklin Sports Kids Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Franklin Sports set comes with a folding mini soccer goal, a mini soccer ball and the pump to inflate so you have everything you need to start playing.

In addition, the lightweight Franklin Sports mini goal is made of PVC, so it is easy to carry anywhere.

The goal folds up easily and it is convenient to keep it inside the bag when you are not using it.


Little Tikes Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

Teach your young children the most popular sport in the world and get them practicing with the Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Goal. An excellent goal for children to practice goalkeeping skills and shoots.

This goal adjusts to 2 different height levels so that children continue to enjoy themselves as they grow. The Easy Score soccer goal is made with a frame of sturdy metal and a durable soccer net.

Little Tikes Easy Score includes the goal frame with a net, a ball and a pump to inflate the ball.


BravoStar Kids Inflatable Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

BravoStar inflatable soccer goal set is perfect to introduce your youngest children to the world of soccer.

You can encourage good health, improved hand-eye coordination and social development while playing and getting fit.

Playing anywhere is easy with this soccer goal, which has a perfect size and allows your children to transport the goal anywhere. It is made from an ultra-durable material, multi-color vinyl, for sure it lasts over time.


Morvat Soccer Goal Set

Alex’s personal opinion

Soccer is a great way to get your kids moving, breathing fresh air while playing with their friends.

The goal from the manufacturer Morvat help them improve physical condition, psychomotor coordination and work as a team. Morvat soccer goals are the perfect way to spend hours of fun with your children.

Easy installation and transport make it the best possible choice. Two goals, two transport bags, two balls for the youngest children plus two standard balls and two inflators are all includedΒ  in the pack.


BAYINBULAK Children Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

This mini-goal is the perfect size for children to play anywhere, anytime of the day thanks to its easy setup and durable frame, made of dacron and improved wear resistance.

Perfect size that allows your child to easily transport this goal on their own anywhere they want. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, backyard, garden, lawn, sandy beach and soccer field.

The package includes a collapsible soccer goal, the instructions manual, 4 weather-resistant galvanized steel stakes, the waterproof Oxford cloth carry bag and 2 support rods.


DEERC Kids Game Toys Soccer Ball Set

Alex’s personal opinion

Unlike the traditional soccer toy, this air toy is suspended on the flat ground thanks to the air chamber that allows it to slide with little friction.

The children’s soccer brand DEERC offers different types of games with a floating soccer ball and a lifelong inflatable soccer chamber.

With the two goals included in the box, your child can build a small soccer field. Made of premium quality non-toxic ABS materials that will not harm children.

Equipped with a foam bumper, the air ball floats above the floor without scratches or scuffs and bounces very well off walls, furniture, and whatever else it comes across.


WIn SPORTS 2 in 1 Kids Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

A multifunctional soccer goal with a 2-in-1 design. One side is a conventional goal and the other side comes with 5 holes to improve your precision skills.

Thanks to the 2-in-1 goal, children can learn the basics of soccer and improve motor skills.

Durable material as the goal is made of upgraded high-quality 210D oxford cloth, tear-resistant, easy to clean and long lasting.


Franklin Sports Mini Soccer Goal Set

Alex’s personal opinion

The Franklin Future Champs Kid’s Goal is designed to teach younger players how to play soccer for the first time.

The Franklin Mini Goal is designed for indoor and outdoor play thanks to the easily folded corners that allow the goal to be assembled and put away in seconds.

The set includes a goal, a soccer ball and a pump to inflate the ball.


Franklin Sports Children Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Franklin Sports’ brand goal is perfect for children over 4 years old. This goal is great for players who are just starting in soccer.

The goal can be used indoors and outdoors throughout the whole year. In addition, it is light and portable thanks to the design made by the Franklin Sports brand. Folding and storing the goal is very simple.

The goal, a soccer ball and a pump to inflate the ball are included in the set.


WHAT ARE Baby toddler children GOALS?

Children, toddlers and baby goals are designed and manufactured for the little kids to enjoy, play, have fun and develop social skills with others.

These goals are small and they usually do not exceed 4 feet long by 3 feet high. There are even smaller goals for babies with inflatable balls so they won’t hurt themselves.

In addition, using this type of goal is an easy way to get your children to exercise and have a new hobby. Some goals do not require any effort to assemble, they can just be easily opened and closed.

Normally, football goals for children are sold in pairs and thanks to new technologies they have a long lasting life. Something similar in the plastic and beach football nets.

What is the best childrens soccer goal on the market?

The best goal for children on the market is the Sport Squad Portable Soccer Goal. It is very light, portable and easy to fold, perfect for playing soccer anywhere.

This soccer goal is ideal for training or having a soccer game with friends in the backyard of your house, in the park or even on the beach.

Sports Squad have listened and learned from their customers’ feedback, creating the highest quality goal for kids, including two goals instead of one.

How to fold childrens goals

To make the most of children’s goals, it is advisable to use them in a proper manner, and store them correctly so the net does not break.Β Β 

Before folding the goal at the end of the match or training, it is a good idea to read the instructions at least a couple of times to avoid complications.

Each goal features the manufacturer’s design and therefore has unique assembly and disassembly instructions.

A goalkeeper playing football

children GOALS football VIDEOS

What sizes of childrens goals do you have?

There are about 5 or 6 different sizes. The reason there are so many for toddlers and children is because at these ages, between 1 and 6 years, children grow very fast.

The most common sizes are: the largest, 4 x 3 feet from Sport Squad, an intermediate level such as the Franklin Sports Kids Goal 3 x 2 feet and the smallest goal, which is the Franklin Sports Mini Football Goal.

There are bigger and smaller goals, but in general, the dimensions are similar to the ones mentioned.

I would like to add that inflatable goals and pop-up goals could also be used for children.

A soccer team wearing bue t-shirts starting to practice football

Can you replace the net in a childrens goal?

There is usually no problem changing the net but for most goals for children and babies, it is easier to buy another goal than spend any time doing it.

The children’s goals come as a whole product, sewn and with the net adjusted according to the dimensions of each brand and goal.

Personally, as it is a relatively cheap product, I would end up wearing down the goal and buying another if I have used and liked the product.

Should I buy 1 or a 2 pack of childrens goals?

I would buy 2 goals instead of one, giving your son or daughter the chance to develop different skills while promoting social development as well as having fun with friends or family.

You will be able to play games anywhere and anytime with these light and portable goals.

It is always fun to watch your children play a football game while they are having a great time.

Can football goals be dangerous for toddlers?

No, never. All the goals that we recommend meet quality standards and they cannot be harmful to your baby.

For example, the DEERC Football Ball Set for babies is made of premium quality non-toxic ABS materials, ensuring that no harm can happen to small children and the balls are usually padded.

In other words, football brands are very concerned about safety and how to avoid any problems. Also, some of the best brands are manufacturing Inflatable football goals in order to make your kids’ lives easier.

A toddler playing football soccer with the family

Can you use baby goals indoors?

Of course, these goals are designed and manufactured to be used indoors and outdoors.

Football brands assume that many babies play football in safe environments, which in most cases is going to be our own homes.

For this reason, there is a huge market in which the best companies compete to offer safe and high-quality products.

What terrain is best to play with a childrens goal?

The best terrain for children to play football would be a natural grass field, being soft but firm at the same time. They must learn and acquire fundamental knowledge in their earliest stages of development. Also you can use metal soccer nets for training sessions.

Although it is also important that bones and muscles develop and strengthen during the growing age, we also recommend training on the beach, when possible.

The training carried out on the beach gives all children a plus since they work on skills such as agility, power and speed that, taken to firmer ground, gives them a competitive advantage over the rest.

A soccer team exercising on a football field

Best football exercises to do with a childrens goal

Depending on the age, more or less complicated exercises can be done. We will explain them according to age groups.

For children aged 1 to 3 , the exercise we recommend is one of the simplest and most effective. Place the goal at a considerable distance, 3 meters more or less depending on the strength of your child, and encourage him to shoot at the goal.

As soon as your kid scores a goal,Β  change the position of the goal at different angles and further away. This will make your child familiar with the ball, the goal, the power of the shot, possible ball effects and begin to develop psychomotor skills. Although this will seem a bit exaggerated, we are not always aware of the learning capacity of younger children.

Three kids exercising on a football field

As far as we know, no physical load or complicated exercises should be introduced in this initial learning phase.

For children from 3 to 6 years, we recommend more dynamic exercises such as putting several cones in a row in front of a goal, making them zig-zag and then shooting at the goal.

The first time with the right leg, the second time with the left and so on. This simple exercise will help increasing skills with the ball.

Best brands of childrens goals

For me, the best brand of goals for children is Franklin Sports because most of the products they sell include at least one football goal, a ball and a pump.

It has 3 different measurements for different age ranges: 3 x 2, 2 x 1’3 and 1’83 x 1’4 feet. You have a variety of choices depending on what you actually need. Even theyΒ  manufacture futsal goals.

In addition, many of theirΒ  products are considered an Amazon Choice due to the quality of their materials, lightness and transportability, which are main characteristics to have in mind when choosing a goal.

Do childrens goals stay on when you shoot?

Yes, because children are not strong enough, most goals will remain to be upstanding for the number of hours your child will be playing.

If not, some of the goals come with stakes or bags that can be used to anchor them and improve goal stability.

We are talking about goals for young children, older children should use another type of robust football goal such as garden football goals or portable goals.

Are there specific childrens goals for young babies?

Yes, there are specially two worth mentioning.

The first is Little Tikes Football Goal, an excellent choice for children to practice. This goal adjusts to 2 different height levels so the children can continue to enjoy playing as they grow. The frame is made of sturdy metal and a durable football net also lasting many years.

And the second is the DEERC Kids Football Game that, unlike the traditional football toy, this air toy is suspended on the flat ground, thanks to the air chamber that allows it to slide with little friction.

With the two goals included in the box, your child can build a small football field. It is also safe to use for small children, made of premium non-toxic ABS materials.

As your kids grow up there are specific goals for practicing such as the flat coerver goalsΒ  and also specific professional stadium goals if you want to be a first division player.

Types of childrens goals

We can consider children’s goals as initiation goals since we are talking about small goals made for young children, who don’t need to train or exercise with precision. These football goals are made just to have fun and spend hours playing football, calmly and without worries.

two toddlers playing soccer football in a football field

The Sport Squad Portable Soccer Goal because it is very light, portable and easy to fold, perfect for playing soccer anywhere.

Yes, because children are not strong enough, most goals will remain to be upstanding

I would buy 2 goals because children can develop different skills while promoting social development as having fun with friends or family.


Now a days portable goals are very robust!


Train like a Pro with full sized stadium goals!


Start to train like a Pro, at home!


Ideal option to play anywhere as they are very light!


Exercise in the double-sided soccer goal multiple exercises simultaneously!


Play a match anywhere with a pop up goal!


Perfect goals to play official competitions!


The hardest types of goals you will find. They won’t move!


Carry with you the goals anywhere anytime!


Practice your football skills at the beach!