Best Beach Football Goals

Futsal is becoming very popular. Check the goals to play official futsal competitions!

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FORZA Alu60 Beach Football Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The best beach football goal you can find today is from the Forza brand, it is made of aluminum and can be purchased in pairs or individually.

This beach football goal has the perfect size to use in matches as well as being very resistant goals but super light as they can be moved so you can play anywhere.

Forza has its design that gives the beach football goal stability and resistance. And thanks to the removable rear bar, it allows you to easily store the goal.


Franklin Sports Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

The most versatile goal you can find at Franklin Sports, easy to store, has a high-strength steel frame, and is resistant to extreme weather conditions as well as resisting the strongest shots of soccer players without bending or breaking.

The yellow net uses self-adhesive strips to tighten and hold the goal net in place, preventing soccer balls from getting lost.

4 steel stakes are included to give the goal stability.

Perfect for birthdays and beach games!


FORZA Alu60 Folding Beach Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

Beach soccer goal manufactured by the sports brand Forza. This goal is designed for adults and young people who want to play or train soccer on the beach.

This beach soccer goal is portable and foldable, perfect to play anytime, anywhere as they are made with a removable bar and foldable side frames allowing easy storage.

Professional beach soccer goals meet FIFA and World Beach Soccer regulations, making them perfect for youth matches and senior training sessions while ensuring high-quality performance.


Franklin Sports Blackhawk Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

We must put this goal first thanks to the quality-price ratio and that it is probably one of the best goals on the market.

The Franklin Sports brand has developed a long-lasting product, easily transportable to any place thanks to the cover that it comes with and capable of ensuring stability thanks to the stakes.

The Franklin Sports goal is made of strong fiberglass and steel poles with an ultra-tough Oxford cloth, it can withstand years of use. So it is ideal for training or playing at home


FORZA Pro Practice Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The FORZA Pro Practice Goal targets training for major league professionals worldwide, having supplied this same goal to some Premier League clubs.

The quality of these soccer goals has been recognized by the best soccer clubs in the world. The soccer goal offers state-of-the-art manufacturing for players and coaches of all levels.

This goal has a fluorescent yellow micromesh net, thus guaranteeing a good training session thanks to the fact that the net is quite visible.

The Forza Aluminum also has an assembly of nothing more and nothing less than 10 seconds and this does not mean that it is not rigid or that it does not hold up on the ground, far from it.

The goal is made from high-strength aluminum which means it can be used for countless training sessions.


Kwik Goal Weighted Infinity Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

The Kwik Goal Weighted Infinity has an innovative base allowing the goal to be used on any ground surface such as natural grass, artificial grass, the gym, the beach and even in parking lots without the need to anchor the goals with stakes to play.

The goal is made with reinforced nylon corners, a double layer 15mm polyester net and the innovative base to give greater stability. The goal includes a transport bag.



We consider beach football goals to be a great invention among all goal designs in the world.

We consider it because excellent players became professionals out of playing football on the beach for many hours, for example from Brazil or Spain.

Playing on terrain as irregular and soft as sand strengthens your body, your balance and, above all, the technique by controlling those impossible and unexpected balls at any second.

People underestimate the power of training on the beach but Alex and I, Jorge, highly recommend it.

You will greatly improve your technique, your resistance, your agility, and your physical conditions in general.

A wooden beach football goal

What is the best Beach soccer goal on the market?

The best beach soccer goal on the entire market is the FORZA Alu60 Beach Soccer Goal.

This goal is ideal for beach football matches or training sessions for juniors and seniors. They are made from 60mm reinforced aluminum and are powder-coated to resist rust, scratches and player kicks.

The beach soccer goals are weather-resistant thanks to the 60mm diameter reinforced steel, 3mm thick goal net and welded corners.

These goals meet FIFA quality standards ensuring high-performance use. The lightweight proprietary design makes it easy to play soccer on the beach as well as easy storage and two-person setup.

Beach GOALS football VIDEOS

How to use beach soccer goals

These beach soccer goals are easy to use and are the most specific in terms of the different types that we have on the entire web.

Although they are goals for the beach, they are used in the same way as for natural grass, artificial grass or firm ground.

In addition, some beach soccer goals can be used interchangeably on any pitch, such as the Franklin Sports Soccer Goal.

A beach soccer net and a goalie

How to fold beach goals

You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times.

We advise that apart from reading how to assemble and pick up the beach football goal, you assemble and disassemble the goal on a hard ground surface. If you do it on the beach it can be more uncomfortable than being on soft ground or you can even lose a small screw. And we don’t want that to happen!

What sizes of beach goals do you have?

Let’s consider that we have two sizes of football goals. The big and the small beach football goals. You can consider these two sizes in plastic football goals.

The FORZA Alu60 Beach Football Goal stands out in the category of large beach football goals. Forza manufactures this football goal in two sizes, the largest one which is 18.5 x 7.3 feet and the smallest one with a dimension of 12 x 6 feet.

We consider small beach football goals the ones that are smaller than 6 x 4 feet. For example, the FORZA Pro Practice Goal is manufactured in the following sizes: 4 x 2’5, 5 x 3 and 6 x 4 feet.

Can you replace the net in a beach goal

Yes. Changing the net on larger beach soccer goals or to metal soccer nets is no problem with a net clip system.

However, changing the net because it has broken to a beach football goal similar to the pop-up one and the inflatable goals is more laborious work than not difficult.

Should I buy 1 or a 2 pack of beach goals?

2 football goals always. It is the best way to have a great time with your friends and even more if you are in love with football, competition and winning.

Having 2 beach football goals will make you a better player and you will gain social skills that you will develop as the matches go by. You can also buy one flat coerver goals so you can play in both sides!

Two beach soccer football nets

What terrain is best to play with a beach goal?

The best terrain for this type of football goal is the beach without any doubt.

The manufacturers of the best brands research and develop specific products for specific terrains, as is the case of professional football goalsΒ that are designed and manufactured for natural grass.

Best football exercises to do with a beach goal

The beach is a very beneficial natural environment for the development of football skills. These skills can be achieved with basic exercises focused on technical and physical improvement.

Passes between two people: Stand at a distance of about 15 feet from your partner and start passing the ball, every 10 minutes increase the space by about 10 feet. This exercise, so simple and at the same time so practical, is perfect for controlling and passing the ball with excellent precision.

5 vs 5 matches: Compete against other teams as professionals in 5 vs 5 matches. Are you wondering what are the official dimensions to play a game? Don’t worry, here you have the measurements to make the pitch. The sizes of a beach soccer field are 115 feet or 35 meters long and 85 feet or 26 meters wide.

Two beach soccer players execising

Best brands of beach goals

Forza is the best when it comes to beach football goals.

The 3 goals it has been exceptional to develop your skills in an environment as irregular as the beach. Forza manufactures its products to be used throughout the year and as long as possible.

It has also wanted to innovate and constantly improve its beach football goals so that they are light and can be transported to any beach on the planet.

Do beach goals stay on when you shoot?

Yes, beach football goals have the advantage that they can be sunk a little into the sand to act as a counterweight and not move at any time during the game or training.

You can use the same trick with portable soccer goals and garden soccer nets.

A kid playing football soccer at the beach on a sunset

Types of beach goals

We wanted to highlight 3 different types of beach soccer goals.

The first type of beach soccer goal is made of alloy steel as the futsal football goals . These goals are very resistant and durable, we wanted to highlight the FORZA 18.5ft x 7.3ft Alu60 Beach Soccer Goal or the Kwik Beach Goal.

As a second type, we find the FORZA Beach Pod Soccer Goal, which is made of aluminum, a much lighter material than any alloy steel .

And third and the last type with the lightest material of all such as fiberglass we highlight the Franklin Sports Blackhawk Goal for babys and toddlers.

The best beach soccer goal on the entire market is the FORZA Alu60 Beach Soccer Goal.

Yes, beach soccer goals have the advantage that they can be sunk a little into the sand to act as a counterweight and not move

Having 2 beach soccer goals will make you a better player and you will gain social skills


Now a days portable goals are very robust!


Train like a Pro with full sized stadium goals!


Start to train like a Pro, at home!


Play a match anywhere with a pop up goal!


Ideal option to play anywhere as they are very light!


Exercise in the double-sided soccer goal multiple exercises simultaneously!


Football goals are designed to have fun and develop social skills!


Your goals to play official competitions!


The hardest types of goals you will find. They won’t move!


Carry with you the goals anywhere anytime!