Train from both sides of the goals with flat coerver nets. It’s 2 for 1 training!

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Soccer Innovations Premier Flat Faced Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

Soccer Innovation’s goal allows soccer players to train on both sides of the goal simultaneously thanks to the Premier Flat-Faced Goal.

The flat coerver goal features a 1 and 3/4″ round aluminum frame. Flat coerver goal bases can be easily swapped between spiked grass base or artificial grass base with a release button.

Grass and turf bases are available for purchase separately. The 6×18 bases are interchangeable between 8×24 and 6×18 goals.


Soccer Innovation J-Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

The J-Goal portable goal is adapted for training to different kids depending on their age. It’s perfect for youth training, seniors, and even as a backyard goal.

Soccer Innovations has designed this flat coerver goal to be portable and weather resistant. It is designed to train on both sides of the flat goal.

The J-Goal comes in 2 different sizes offering multifunctionality as it can be transformed into a football-tennis net. The assembly is done in less than 5 minutes.


PEVO Sports Coerver Flat Faced Training Goal

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When looking for a flat coerver training goal, there is no better goal than the Pevo Flat Surface Training Goal.

The flat coerver training goal is constructed of a lightweight 2 “square aluminum tube with durable high-strength aluminum castings.

It features a 3″ wide x 3/8 “thick x 3 ‘thick base long with grass spikes, or without ground spikes for laying on artificial grass, the net is fastened around the frame.


AGORA Flat Training Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

This flat coerver goal from the Agora brand is ideal for training sessions.

Goal frame made of 1 3/4″ aerospace-grade aluminum tubing with a white polymer powder paint finish.

Comes with a FREE rolling bag, plus a 5-year warranty.


PEVO Sports Coerver Flat Faced

Alex’s personal opinion

PEVO Sports is proud to offer a coerver training flat goal for children, this type of goal is designed for children under 10 and 9 years old due to the smaller measurements.

The coerver flat goal is constructed of a 2 “square aluminum tube with durable, high-strength aluminum castings.

It can be used on both natural and artificial grass at the same time as on the ground if the heavy anchor is used.


AGORA Flat Training Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Agora brand round goal made of aluminum it is ideal for training in lower competitions.

This portable flatΒ coerver goal is easy to carry around thanks to the wheel bag and its simple setup when it is installed.

It also comes with a white net with 12 net stakes included. It has a 5-year warranty.


What is a flat coerver goal?

A flat coerver goal is a double-sided soccer goal, with a single frame and a single net.

Coerver goals allow the whole team to train at the same time by performing multiple exercises simultaneously, like training two goalkeepers at the same time.

It is designed for advanced team and player exercises. Flat Coerver goals fit for football clubs and schools.

What is the best flat coerver soccer goal on the market?

The best flat coerver goal on the market is the Soccer Innovations Premier Flat Faced Goal.

We can train and do different exercises at the same time on both sides of the goal thanks to the Soccer Innovations brand.

You can choose a couple of sizes and also two different ground surfaces such as natural grass or artificial turf.

The flat coerver goal features a 1 3/4 “round aluminum frame that makes it heavy for the most powerful shots.

How to fold flat coerver goals

First of all, we recommend reading the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble, disassemble and store the coerver goals.

These goals are easy to assemble as there is only one frame, normally made of aluminum, a net and the supports depending on the ground surface.

That said, picking up flat coerver goals is not always as easy as stated in the manufacturer’s instructions. Therefore, before folding the goal at the end of the game or training, it would be advisable to read the instructions at least a couple of times.

Each goal features the manufacturer’s design and therefore has unique assembly and disassembly instructions.Β 

A flat coerver net ready to be fold and store


What sizes of flat coerver goals do you have?

Among the six goals chosen according to our criteria, there are four different sizes.

The largest one is 8 x 24 feet. This flat coerver goal is just as big as a professional heavy-duty football goal.

Then we have the smallest possible size we can find for a 6 x 12 foot flat coerver goal. According to the size, it is similar to garden football goals.

And finally, we have two very similar sizes that are 6 x 18 and 6.5 x 18 feet, these goals are used especially for the training of boys and girls under 10 years of age. Also, you can find this measure in the portable football goals.

Can you replace the net in a flat coerver goal

YES, it is also very easy because all flat coerver goals have a single frame with no unusual geometries, so changing the goal net is even easier than the pop-up goals.

And to make it more comfortable, you can rest the coerver goal flat on the ground and change it calmly.

The KWIK brand gives you the opportunity to acquire a quality net.

The net of a flat coerver goal

Should I buy 1 or a 2 pack of flat coerver goals?

I would buy 1 single flat coerver goal. In my opinion, due to the money that each flat coerver goal costs and that it is another accessory to train, with a goal is more than enough.

Now, if you have already used this type of goal before and you like their functionality, I would buy as many as I need.

a red soccer cleat

Can you use flat coerver goals from both sides at the same time?

Of course, you can use the flat coerver goals on both sides at the same time.

In fact, this type of goal was designed and manufactured to give us that multifunctionality.

Many exercises are simplified thanks to the flat coerver goals since different exercises can be done in tight spaces.


What terrain is best to play with a flat coerver goal?

We have seen that in the specifications of the flat coerver goals they can be used on all types of terrain.

This is because these goals need a base to support the frame and the bases can be used on natural grass and artificial turf and on firm ground.

So, in addition to having a different goal, you will be able to use it whenever and wherever you want.

a football soccer goal in natural grass

Best football exercises to do with a flat coerver goal

Thanks to the fact that the goal can be used by both sides. It gives endless exercises to do.

Shots on goal: Place a cone about 15 meters away. The goalkeeper must throw the ball to you with his hand so that he also practices, controls and shoots. With a basic but dynamic exercise, you will have a lot of fun.

At the same time, on the other side, you can play a 5 vs 5 possession on a 40 square meter square. As soon as a team makes 10 passes, they will have to find a shot as quickly as possible.

Different exercises for goalkeepers. By having two sides of the goal, which is only one goal, different exercises and circuits can be done by the goalkeepers that are constantly improving since there is no delay time between exercises.

A football soccer player with a ball while resting after training

Best brands of flat coerver goals

For us, the best brand of flat coerver goals is Soccer Innovations.

The two goals that are on the market satisfies the needs of the consumers, one for being heavier and more professional like the Premier Flat Faced Goal and the other for being super light and being able to take it and install it anywhere in a matter of a few minutes as it’s the J-Goal.

Both flat coerver goals are highly manufactured with top quality materials and have good ratings, which gives you a plus when purchasing these good products.

Do flat coerver goals stay on when you shoot?

Yes, but you have to use the right base for the terrain where you are playing. Unlike the Inflatable soccer goals, you should be careful with the wind since they can be flown on days with very strong gusts

Flat coerver goals are a different type of goal but there is no problem with their stability.

Obviously, if you use them with the wrong support, it will fall off.

A flat coerver goal in a soccer game

Types of flat coerver goals

We consider that there are 3 types of goals and all of them are used for training, rarely for playing games.

The largest and the one that has the same dimensions as a professional stadium goal, measuring 8 x 24 feet.

The small flat coerver goal, 6 x 12 foot, can be used within the backyard of your house, the garden and anywhere you want because of how easy it is to transport.

And the last type is for players under 10 years old. There are two very similar sizes which are 6 x 18 and 6.5 x 18 feet but both work for under 10 years old teams.

The sizes of the flat coerver goals are similar, the same thing when we are talking about children and baby goals.Β 

A football ball go inside of a flat coerver goal

The best flat coerver goal on the market is the Soccer Innovations Premier Flat Faced Goal because you can train on both sides of the goal.

YES, They shouldn’t fall off if we follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When playing on different types of terrain, flat coerver goals must be supported with the right bases.

I will buy one flat coerver goal because it is a goal used as an accessory in your practices.


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