Best Garden Football Goals

Garden soccer goals are the most demanded in the market. Start to train like a Pro, at home!

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QUICKPLAY Q-Fold Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The QUICKPLAY Q-FOLD garden gate is suitable for all types of climates as well as having a quick assembly.

This goal is made of high-resistance PVC, a remarkable material to withstand all types of environments.

The makers of QUICKPLAY have patented a new durable Flexi-joint system, giving the frame more stability than other polyethylene goals. This new system is designed to reduce the stress on the posts.

On the other hand, as a pioneer in the QUICKPLAY Match Fold goal range, the Q-Fold features a unique non-slip crossbar design. It has an assembly time of 15-20 minutes when you unpackaged the goal and only 30 seconds when it is folded.


Dimples Excel Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Dimples Excel goals are great for practicing with your kids on the go. This goal is very easy to assemble, even for a 5-year-old.

A great and inexpensive gift that your kids will love and use time after time. It fits into any budget and the goal can be taken with you on any trip. It is also an Amazon’s Choice product.

We recommend them for playing at the beach, school or garden. This goal will not blow away in strong winds, thanks to its special design. Be awre that you only buy one goal instead of two!


Forza Garden Goals

Alex’s personal opinion

The FORZA brand has always innovated, and Net World Sports has created a new line within Forza PVC goals.

These goals are made for kids as they are not as heavy as aluminium or steel ones, even so, they are football goals of relatively high and premium level.

All football goals manufactured by Net World Sports have an innovative button lock system that provides greater strength and stability. The assembly process is simple and fast.

These goals are designed to have fun in your garden, with friends at birthday parties and barbecues.


Happy Jump Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Garden soccer goal that your children will love. It’s lightweight, portable, easy to unfold and collapsible, perfect for your kids to practice and develop their soccer skills.

The Happy Jump goal is conveniently sized, allowing your children to transport it anywhere they want.

Quick and suitable setup for indoors and outdoors. The construction of this goal is made of a higher grade metal material with an L-shaped connection, more expensive but well worth its corrosion resistance.

Thanks to its stability triangle and the 4 stakes that are included, the goal will not move on windy days.


Sportout Portable Net for Garden

Alex’s personal opinion

Sportout garden goals are made to train everywhere you want helping you to improve your skills. They are designed for players of all ages to enjoy.

The Sportout brand offers a durable and easy-to-set-up garden goal, made of thick and durable aluminium alloy material that is difficult to break.

Solid aluminium and a triangular steel retainer are used to stabilize the goal frame.


Franklin Sports garden football goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Franklin Sports garden goals are a great choice when it comes to buying a goal to have fun with the family.

The goal is made of a sturdy mesh and PVC plastic posts, ideal for ages 1 to 10.

These children’s goals are easy to assemble and take to the garden, the park, the beach or anywhere else.

We have to consider that the goal is an Amazon’s Choice product. Thanks to the high-impact plastic and to the resistant net, you are able to play in all climates.


SONGMICS garden football goal

Alex’s personal opinion

If you are looking for a quality garden goal for your children, the SONGMICS goal is a perfect choice.

This brand’s premise is that quality is the first thing that must be taken into consideration when manufacturing any product. This soccer goal consists of powder-coated metal tubes and a wear-resistant polyester net.

The SONGMICS goal comes with 4 stakes to stabilize the goal on the ground. In addition, the net is fixed to the frame using velcro fasteners so it can be quickly assembled and removed. Suitable for use in the garden, the park and the beach.


SONGMICS garden goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Staying home does not necessarily mean that children remain indoors without playing sports. The SONGMICS brand has designed this goal for your garden so that your children can run like crazy.

They are made with fiberglass rods, durable Oxford cloth and a fine-sewn polyester mesh. The assembly is very easy and it takes around one minute only, so no much waiting to start playing.

Just place the soccer goal where you want and make sure to anchor it with the stakes. These garden goals come in a pack of 2 goals together with their transport bag.


Ubon 3 in 1 Goal for Garden Practices

Alex’s personal opinion

3-in-1 garden goal that can be used as a football goal, a rebounder or a precision goal.

Ubon’s backyard soccer goal is perfect when your friends are busy and you have to train individually.

The football net is constructed of sturdy and rust-resistant steel posts, easy to clean. The nylon net is designed to absorb high-speed impacts with ease.

The net has four areas to develop your precision, power and ball control skills, the assembly pin locking system makes it easy to connect the posts.



Garden goals are relatively small goals for the entertainment of children. Because these are not large, they can be assembled in many places such as the garden, backyard or any spacious spot where you can play.

The manufacturing of garden goals has been an innovative process achieved by the best football brands around the world. You can purchase different goals from larger to smaller sizes, depending on the dimensions of your garden or any other place you choose to play.

Garden goals are made to play anywhere, as they are lightweight and foldable, for people of all ages. You can use these goals alone or with others, Alex and I think that playing with many people is the best way to use this kind of goals. They can be used both for small games and for basic training.

The best thing about this type of goal is that it adjusts perfectly to your needs. You will have the option of buying from the largest goal with the best quality, to a small and simple goal that you just need to have fun with your children.

The great thing is that they are extremely portable soccer goals and can be easily moved to different parts of your garden without a problem. Like the children and toddler soccer goals as they are very petty

What is the best garden soccer goal on the market?

For us, the best outfield goal is the QUICKPLAY Q-Fold Goal for its new Flexi-joint system, giving the goal stability that very few can achieve. It is used on any terrain and in any weather situation, its PVC posts are made to last all year round. So this plastic football net is perferct.

The good thing about this garden goal is that when it is assembled, the side posts can be folded at the same height as the crossbar, allowing it to rest against the wall without taking up much space. To reassemble it, you will have to unfold the sidebars until you hear a click and insert the rear bar, which takes only 30 seconds.

The complete installation of the goal will take about 5 minutes. As with all QUICKPLAY products, the Q-Fold is backed by a 2-year parts warranty. The speed of installation is almost as fast as the small pop up net goals!


To get the best of garden goals, it is important to use them correctly and they also need to be stored carefully, so that the net does not break. Dismantling the goal is not always as easy as the manufacturer’s instructions indicate.

Therefore, before folding the goal at the end of the match or training, it would be advisable to read the instructions at least a couple of times.

Each goal features the manufacturer’s design and therefore has unique assembly and disassembly instructions.

Contrary to the bigger professional heavy-duty soccer goals that are used in football stadiums, metal goals can be big but also foldable and portable.

A garden football goal at night

What sizes of garden goals do you have?

There are all kinds of dimensions for garden goals, a wide range of possibilities to cover each buyer’sΒ  space in their gardens.

For example, the goal that we best value, the QUICKPLAY Q-Fold Football Goal comes in three different dimensions 6 x 4, 8 x 5 & 12 x 6 feet. It is a reality that the size of the goals varies a lot, as well as Forza Garden Goals.

However, we have also valued smaller goals such as Dimples Excel Goal or Happy Jump Goal suitable for the youngest players who are beginning to take their first steps in this wonderful sport.

a football field with garden goals in it


Can you replace the net in a garden goal?

Changing the net if it breaks is a bit complicated in garden goals.

These goals have been manufactured as a unique product, and the net is fixed according to the dimensions of each brand, so replacing the net in case of breakage can be complicated, although not impossible if you have some skill and time.

Personally, I would make the most of the goal before buying a new one, as they are not generally expensive to buy. Unlike flat coerver goals and futsal goals, that changing the net is very easy.

a goalie trying to stop a shoot at goal in the garden


In my opinion, I will always try to buy two garden goals, you never know if you can play a game at your birthday party or a barbecue organized with friends. If, on the other hand, you are going to use the goal in a relatively small playing area, I would only buy one goal. The opposite if you use beach football goals to play with.

It must also be said that the games with two garden goals are more enjoyable and involve great competition and a feeling of winning. We will socialize and meet new friends through our favorite hobby and will be able to go out and do physical exercise much more often.


The greatest thing about football is that you can play this sport anywhere, you don’t need any specific type of terrain. The garden goals can be attached to any ground surface thanks to their anchoring system.

  • If you are playing in a ground field, you will need to use the anchor stakes that come with the product or sandbags/bags.
  • If we play on grass, the stakes will be used for a perfect anchor to the ground and the sandbags will also work.
  • For firmer grounds, such as cemented or concrete floor, the stakes are unfeasible so we will have to use sand or water bags.
  • Β 

With this type of goal, better portability is more important, so it can be used on any surface. BeingΒ  used by children between 4 and 12 years old and exercises that require more precision than power, extreme stability is not so important.

A garden soccer goal in a football field


Precision drills: Set the goal at a distance of around 10 meters, shoot/pass the ball into the net. If you make it, then progressively increase the distance as the ball gets into the goal, but if you do not make it repeat the process again.

1 vs 1 dribbling: Dribble and score! Place the goals at a considerable distance to be able to dribble past your opponent and shoot with precision to score.

Possession games: Keep the ball with your teammates and score to win the exercise. We recommend that you play this exercise with two teams of at least 3 people or more.

A team exercising in a football field with garden soccer nets

Do garden goals stay on when you shoot?

If we follow the manufacturers’ assembly instructions, the garden goals will not fall.

The garden goals will be upstanding with an anchor or a weight bag if we play on different types of terrain.

All goals move or shift a little bit during the match or the training session, and this happens both with the smallest goals that we can find and with the largest regulated by FIFA.

Girl in a soccer practice with a garden football goal

Best brands of garden goals

The best brands of garden goals are those that in our opinion give us a precise answer to our needs. For us, QuickPlay and Forza goals are the best in the garden goal market, having quality materials and different dimensions.

However, they are a bit more expensive than others. For example, the Ubon 3 in 1 Goal outfield goal. This goal, Ubon 3 in 1 Goal, is more affordable and meets other needs by having the rebounding net and the precision net.

There are other goals considered Amazon’s Choice due to their quality/price ratio such as the Franklin Sports Kids Goal Set, Dimples Excel Goal Kids or the SONGMICS Garden Football Goal.

A kid playing with a garden soccer goal

Are there specific garden goals for children?

Yes, there are many garden goals for children but none like these goals: Franklin Sports Kids Goal Set, Dimples Excel Goal Kids, or the SONGMICS Garden Football Goal.

These goals are the best due to their size and characteristics: light, can be transported and mounted anywhere, any time. These specifications can be found on the Inflatable soccer goals too, that are designed for kids.

Do garden goals affect the grass?

No, steel stakes are easy to use and install by drilling into the ground. These stakes have a small diameter and will not affect the care of your garden if they are used correctly.

Obviously, they serve to fix the football goal to the ground to resist strong kicks and stabilize the football goal during storms or strong winds.

The sideline of a football field

Types of garden goals

The smallest goals that you can find on this page will be the Dimples Excel Soccer Goal or Happy Jump Soccer Goal, with a size aimed at the youngest players.

The largest goals are: QUICKPLAY Q-Fold Soccer Goal, Forza Garden Goals or SONGMICS, with a size up to 12 x 6 feet. These goals, which we consider to be the largest, can also be used to warm up for training sessions.

The best goal for precision will undoubtedly be the Ubon 3 in 1 goal which is the garden goal that will be used as a soccer goal, a rebounder or a precision goal.

The best outfield goal is the QUICKPLAY Q-Fold Goal for its new Flexi-joint system, giving the goal stability that very few can achieve

YES, the garden goals will be upstanding when they are anchor with anchors or with a weight bag if we play on different types of terrain.

Changing the net if it breaks is a bit complicated in garden goals. So replacing the net is not impossible if you have some skill and time.


Play a match anywhere with a pop up goal!


Now a days portable goals are very robust!


Train like a Pro with full sized stadium goals!


Ideal option to play anywhere as they are very light!


Exercise in the double-sided soccer goal multiple exercises simultaneously!


Football goals are designed to have fun and develop social skills!


Perfect goals to play official competitions!


The hardest types of goals you will find. They won’t move!


Carry with you the goals anywhere anytime!


Practice your football skills at the beach!