Best Inflatable Football Goals

Inflatable? Yes! Your ideal option to play and have fun as they are very light.

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Eco Walker Inflatable Soccer Goal

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The Eco Walker inflatable soccer goal is 100% portable and safe, which makes setting up a soccer goal for players, parents and coaches alike an easy experience.

The eagerness to play soccer does not always meet with a nearby field to practice, so the Eco Walker inflatable soccer goals are perfect to use anywhere.

The Eco Walker goal should be inflated to a maximum pressure of 1 bar (15 psi).

Thanks to Eco Walker’s Rigid Air technology, the three-layer frame and the air pressure makes the rebound like that of a professional soccer when a soccer ball hits one of the posts . This is a one-piece product that can be assembled in minutes.


BravoStar Inflatable Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

BravoStar inflatable soccer goal set is perfect to introduce your children to the world of soccer. This sport encourages good health, improved hand-eye coordination and social skills.

Playing anywhere is easy with this soccer goal, which is perfectly sized and allows your children to easily transport them anywhere.

It is made from an ultra-durable material and multi-color vinyl, surely lasting over time.


BANZAI Mega All-Star Soccer Set

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Have fun with the oversized BANZAI set. This set includes a soccer goal, a larger inflatable soccer ball, 4 ground stakes and 1 repair patch.

Easy to set up and store, this product inflates with a small pump.

Unbelievable set to play at birthday parties with all your family and friends since the ball and the goal are bigger than the average size, making playing soccer quite easy.


SUNSHINEMALL Children's Football Inflatable Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Inflatable football goal for children, perfect to use in the backyard, the beach or the pool.

Although it is cheap, the goal includes all the safety standards. It is also made of non-toxic materials.

It has a perfect air nozzle to inflate and deflate the goal without problems, including a 9.8-inch inflatable football ball.


HearthSong Giant Inflatable Soccer

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Fun with the giant soccer goal is guaranteed wherever you are and wherever you go.

The HearthSong goal is easily inflated and comes with an attachable net for the inflated goal dimensions of 6’6 feet long x 5.4 feet high. The brightly colored soccer ball is 3 feet in diameter.

To give the soccer goal better stability, four plastic ground stakes are included in the set that is put together with the holes.


SunnyLife Inflatable Goalie Set

Alex’s personal opinion

A perfect football goal for pool and beach games thanks to the striking colour combination.

The SunnyLife brand has manufactured the goal from durable plastic, passing all safety and toxicity standards.

This product includes an inflatable football goal along with a ball and a repair patch.



They are manufactured goals in which the main material is plastic and air. Inflatable goals are an ideal option to play during the summer, in places where there is not too much wind, as they are very light.

These types of goals are completely safe as children don’t get hurt when hitting the ball because they have air inside the posts, they are more like a balloon.

In general, this product is aimed at children, although there are also inflatable goals for adults. They are easy to inflate and usually come with a pump, ready to use.

Nowadays, most of the goals have safety valves to prevent air from escaping and to prevent the goal from deflating. It is a wonderful product since that you can take anywhere and with the advantage of easy storage.

What is the best inflatable soccer goal on the market?

The best inflatable soccer goal on the market is the Eco Walker Inflatable Soccer Goal, portable, safe and easy to configure, which makes it easy for everyone to assemble it.

Manufactured with a developed three-layer frame, the Eco Walker goal must inflate to a maximum pressure of 1 bar (15 psi).

Thanks to the Rigid Air technology of Eco Walker, the rebounds of soccer balls when hitting the posts are like that of a metal soccer goal.

How to fold inflatable goals

The inflatable goals fold in two steps. The first step would be to remove all the air inside, that is, to deflate it completely.

In the second step, before folding the goal for storage, you would have to read the instructions on how to correctly fold the type that you purchased.

Each inflatable goal has its design and therefore has unique assembly and disassembly instructions, pretty much as the plastic and futsal football goals.

A soccer football ball on a field


What sizes of inflatable goals do you have?

There are 10 different sizes to choose from all the recommended goals. We can classify them in 4 groups depending on the size of each goal.

The biggest inflatable goals have the following dimensions: 21 x 7 and 12 x 6 feet. These goals are manufactured by the brand called Eco Walker. The Eco Walker Inflatable Football Goal goals are very similar to portable football goals as they can be used on all playing fields.

The following two groups of inflatable goals can be very similar to pop-up football nets goals and garden football goals. The dimensions of these are around 6 x 4 and 5 x 3 feet. These groups of inflatable goals that we have mentioned can vary their size slightly. For example, some of the recommended goals are 6’6 x 5’4 feet.

Finally, the smallest goal we found is 3’75 x 2’5 feet. This inflatable goal for toddlers is the SS SUNSBELL Inflatable Football Goal.

Can you replace the net in a inflatable goal

YES, the only problem is that the inflatable football goal nets are not standardised.

Therefore, the net of each goal can be unique and to replace it you must buy the same size of goal net.

Inflatable goals are not expensive products so I don’t see a big problem in purchasing another goal if the net breaks.

Can inflatable goals break and explode?

Yes, if used in the wrong way, the inflatable goals could break or even explode. This could not possibly happen with the professional heavy-duty soccer goals or the beach soccer nets.

They are goals made of plastic with air inside once inflated , so a puncture can be the most normal thing in the world.

Many of the goals come with repair kits and we need to be careful where we place the goal.

Should I buy 1 or a 2 pack of inflatable goals?

I would always try to afford 2 inflatable goals to play small soccer games, just like I would play a game with the professional heavy dutty soccer nets.

The inflatable football goals are aimed at young middle-aged children so boys or girls can develop different physical and social skills while having fun with their friends playing soccer.

If you are clear about buying two soccer goals, we recommend taking a look at the following products Little Tikes Huge Inflatable Soccer & Court and an Amazon’s Choice product, the Magic Time International Sports Arena. These products are inflatable, children can use them easily and without hurting themselves.

You will have to take special care with the dimensions, which are around 26 feet long by 14 feet wide and 7 feet high, it is kind of big, yes. This goal is more like a mini-stadium for kids. Super recommended for birthday parties.

In addition, these types of goals are easy to inflate but you have to take into consideration buying an air pump. Usually, one is included with the soccer goal.

It is also possible to play with one goal that is double-sided, they are the flat coerver goals.

What terrain is best to play with a inflatable goal?

The best terrain to use an inflatable goal is a natural grass field. There is no danger of the goal being punctured and it is considered a very suitable surface for playing football.

But inflatable football goals have the advantage of being light, can be inflated at any time, and are used anywhere. So there is no specific terrain where inflatable goals could not be used.

The Eco Walker Inflatable Soccer Goal is the most versatile of all the goals we recommend, it can be used both on natural grass and artificial grass, on the beach or on firm ground.

An orange football ball on a soccer field

Best football exercises to do with a inflatable goal

5 vs 5 games: These games are very dynamic. You must place two football goals about 50 feet of distance, make two teams, and the best one wins. You can also achieve your goals with portable soccer goals.

Precision drills: Place the football goal at a distance of 30 feet and progressively increase as a goal is achieved.

For children from 3 to 6 years old, we recommend more dynamic exercises such as putting several cones in a row in front of a goal, making them zig-zagging and then shooting at the football goal. The first time with the right foot, the second time with the left foot, and so on.

This simple exercise will help kids to increase their skills with the ball.

A group of a soccer team training football soccer

Best brands of inflatable goals

The best brand of inflatable goals is EcoWalker. The wide range of products manufactured notably satisfies the needs since EcoWalker is a pioneer in inflatable football goals and its products can be purchased around the world.

The Eco Walker inflatable football goal is perfect for all football players at a professional level and at a beginner level to play anywhere and at any time. This goal is light, portable and very safe, therefore playing football is simple.

In addition, the brand has bags available to transport football balls and Non-slip floor spot marker cones to achieve harder and dynamic training sessions.

Do inflatable goals stay on when you shoot?

Yes, most of the goals move during the match or training session, and this happens with the smallest football goals that we can find and also with the largest regulated by FIFA .

In addition, the inflatable football goals are designed for children as the baby toddler kid football nets. Kids still do not have the necessary strength to knock down a football goal anchored with stakes, so the goals will remain upstanding all the hours that we are playing.

Four soccer balss in front of a bunch of soccer goals

Are there specific inflatable goals for children?

There are specific inflatable goals for children and toddlers.

One of the goals that we can recommend, based on our knowledge and experience, is the BravoStar inflatable soccer goal set perfect for introducing your youngest children to the world of soccer, promoting good health, improving hand-eye coordination and social development.

We were also able to identify the children’s goal BANZAI Mega All-Star Soccer Set. This set includes a soccer goal and an inflatable soccer ball larger than the normal size. It is easy to assemble and store, and can be ready to use with a small pump.

Types of inflatable goals

There are 4 types of inflatable goals:

1) This type of goal will be used for training, fun, precision exercises and matches. It is the EcoWalker inflatable goal, which we can use for different age groups thanks to the variety of its dimensions: 6 x 4, 12 x 6, 21 x 7 feet and 3 x 2 meters to play futsal. Younger children can play with this goal, and it is also useful to train teenage players and play futsal matches.

2) The medium-sized goals, with dimensions around 5 x 3 feet, such as the BravoStar or the SUNSHINEMALL.

3) Bigger ones. These goals are manufactured and designed so that everyone can play, the size of these goals is bigger than usual. For example the HearthSong Giant Inflatable Football.

4) For toddlers. This last type of goal is for younger children since the goals are smaller than the average, we have the example of the SS SUNSBELL Kids Inflatable Football Goal.

The Eco Walker Inflatable Soccer Goal. It is a very complete football goal of various sizes, portable and easy to configure

Yes, they can be punctured if they are used in bad ways.

Inflatable football goals are aimed for kids so they can develop different skills while promoting social skills.


Now a days portable goals are very robust!


Train like a Pro with full sized stadium goals!


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Exercise in the double-sided soccer goal multiple exercises simultaneously!


Football goals are designed to have fun and develop social skills!


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