Best Plastic Football Goals

Futsal is becoming very popular. Check the goals to play official futsal competitions!

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Amazon Basics Soccer Goal Frame

Alex’s personal opinion

Amazon has managed to manufacture a plastic soccer goal that has settled itself as one of the best in the entire market.

It is backed by the thousands of reviews and the score given to them, the users.

This goal is made from plastic materials and the weather-resistant powder coated steel frame maintains its shape and offers long-lasting performance that with the silver color is a perfect goal to use outdoors with your friends.

The pack includes velcro straps to facilitate the attachment of the net to the goal frame and stakes to fix the goal in the ground and a carrying bag to facilitate transport or storage.


Franklin Sports Portable Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Franklin Sports’ brand football goal is perfect for developing your main skills thanks to the fact that you will be able to take it with you and install it anywhere and at any time due to its lightweight and compact design.

It is built with plastic materials such as PVC and ABS. The soccer goal has a new technology in the snap closure system, now renewed for improved durability that can withstand strong shots.

Quick installation, easy storage and available for all types of weather.


QUICKPLAY Q-Fold Football Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The QUICKPLAY Q-FOLD garden football goal is unique and versatile as well as being able to be installed in a short time.

This goal is made of high resistance PVC, of ​​the best plastic materials, that is why we say that it is for all types of environments.

QUICKPLAY has patented a new durable Flexi-joint system, giving this goal frame more stability than other polyethylene goals.

This new system is designed to reduce the stress on the posts. Furthermore, as a pioneer in the QUICKPLAY Match Fold range of goals, the Q-Fold features a unique non-slip crossbar design.

It has an assembly time of 15-20 minutes when the goal is new and fresh from the box and later 30 seconds when it is folded.


Bazookagoal Original Pop Up Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

The Bazookagoal goal is a pop-up football goal made of excellent quality polyester with a solid structure that is designed and made perfect for players and coaches.

Technologically speaking, the Bazooka Goal incorporates a telescopic structure that folds in seconds, free of stakes, which makes it easy to transport and store.

The main objective achieved with this type of goal is to increase your skills in tight spaces.

The Original Bazookagoal is being selected as the top choice among top teams, featuring Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and hundreds of other clubs around the world.


Forza Garden Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The FORZA brand has always innovated, this time the manufacturer Net World Sports has created a new PVC football goal line.

They are made for the most competitive players since they are not as heavy as aluminium or steel.

The football goal can be taken anywhere and they are excellent quality soccer goals.

All soccer goals manufactured by Net World Sports feature an innovative button locking system that provides added strength and stability during use while also helping to make the goal assembly process easy.


Net Playz Backyard Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

Net Playz is coming on strong with the new soccer goal made of extra strong PVC and structural pipes designed to provide good strength and stability.

The PVC soccer goal is weather resistant and can be left outdoors all year round. Thanks to the simple and quick 10 minutes setup you can transport the goal wherever you want.

The quick clip net system makes soccer goal installation simple, fast and easy.

This Net Playz soccer goal is ideal for use in soccer camps and youth soccer clubs.


Forza Match Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

This soccer goal manufactured by FORZA is useful for coaches and players of all levels.

Its lightweight and portable design make this goal versatile as it can be used in the backyard of your home, in training sessions, or in games with the family.

We must make the most of what the FORZA Match goal can offer us as it is one of the few versatile soccer goals.

All FORZA Match goals feature a button locking system that provides added strength and stability during use while also helping to make the goal assembly process easy.

These goals are designed to have fun in the garden of your house with your friends.


Net Playz Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

The PVC soccer goal manufactured by Net Playz is intended for a little more professional training, providing a perfect soccer goal experience.

It is also ideal to be used in soccer fields and football clubs.

The goal is suitable for all footballers and perfect for use by football clubs worldwide as it takes about 10 minutes to set up, is simple and easy to assemble with no tools or screws required.

This soccer goal has a Quick-Clips net system making installation much easier and the adaptation of ultra-resistant PVC materials for the frame together with the 3D structural tube make this soccer goal one of the best.


Kwik Mini Soccer Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

The Kwik Mini Soccer Goal is ideal for use at home or to play in any room with your young children.

Included is a 5-inch foam soccer ball that is light and soft, providing a safe and fun playing environment for all ages.

No tools are needed to assemble the goal and it is super portable.


Forza Backyard Soccer Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

FORZA always considers being able to play football anywhere and that’s why they have the perfect backyard goal for you and your family.

It is designed for the little ones as it is a lightweight goal and even so, this backyard football goal meets good specifications.

Forza goals feature a button locking system that provides added strength and stability during use while also helping to make the goal assembly process easy for kids.

These goals are designed to have fun in the backyard of your house with your friends during a birthday or a barbecue for example.



Football goals made of lighter materials such as plastic are being a real revolution as they are the portable nets and pop-up football goals. Thanks to the lightness of the materials, we can transport the goal wherever we want and configure it at the time we decide.

So we can play a football game wherever and whenever you just have to have a couple of these types of football goals and a lot of friends to have a great time.

We must also have to say that not all plastic goals are good quality goals and not all manufacturers have found the key to create the perfect plastic football goal. There is still a long way to go.

A big bag of soccer balls next to a football goal

What is the best plastic soccer goal on the market?

The best plastic soccer goal is the Amazon Basics Soccer Goal Frame.

Amazon has managed to manufacture a football goal that is settled as one of the best. It is backed by thousands of reviews and the score given by them, the users.

This goal is made from plastic materials and a durable powder-coated steel frame that offers long-lasting performance that together with the silver colour is the perfect goal to use with your friends.

Plastic GOALS football VIDEOS

How to use plastic soccer goals

Plastic soccer goals are super easy to use. All soccer goals are made of collapsible plastic materials such as the garden football nets.Β 

They can be easily assembled and picked up by having plastic posts that are joined or screwed in the corners. These joining systems will depend solely on the manufacturer.

As it is a light, compact and foldable product, you will simply have to choose a place to place the goal, assemble it according to the instructions and start playing with your friends.

How to fold plastic goals

You have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times, a guide for assembly and disassembly will always be included. The more difficult goals to fold probably are the metal soccer nets because you don’t touch the futsal goals once you assembled.

Therefore, we strongly recommend reading the instructions at least a couple of times and following what the guide asks us step by step. In addition, you will have to make proper use of it in terms of storage.

Each goal features the manufacturer’s design and therefore has unique assembly and disassembly instructions.

One football player in front of a plastic soccer goal

What sizes of plastic goals do you have?

There are 2 types of standard sizes in plastic soccer goals: the 12 x 6 feet, this measurement is the largest that can be found for plastic football goals because if larger plastic soccer goals are made, the crossbar would not be straight, that is, it would bend. We meet with this measure the Amazon Basics Soccer Goal Frame.

The second standard size of plastic soccer goals is 6 x 4 feet, these goals are child-friendly and designed for family environments for indoor and outdoor play such as the Franklin Sports Portable Soccer Goal.

Then there are many more soccer goals with different sizes like the QUICKPLAY Q-Fold Football Goal which is made in these sizes: 3 x 2’5, 8 x 5, 10 x 6’5 & 12 x 6 feet, or the manufacturer Forza with Net World Sports Forza Soccer Goal with 5 different sizes like beach football goalsΒ and professional soccer nets.

Can you replace the net in a plastic goal

YES. Changing the nets in plastic football goals may be one of the easiest tasks since 80% of the goals have a clip system to hook the net like the children football goals and the flat coerver nets.

So changing the net is not a difficult task unless it is sewn to the velcro that fastens the net to the goals like on the Bazookagoal Original Pop Up Goal.

Should I buy 1 or a 2 pack of plastic goals?

Buying 2 plastic football goals instead of one can be very beneficial. In the first place, you will be able to play with your friends and thus be able to recreate the best World Cup finals by imitating your favorite players.

You will also develop social skills with different people as I am sure they will see you and ask you to join the match, it hasn’t happened to us more than once! Besides, who likes to play alone the sport that is played as a team?

A group of kids laying on a soccer field in front of plastic football goals

What terrain is best to play with a plastic goal?

You can play on any pitch, it is one of the biggest advantages offered by plastic football goals and the inflatable football nets.

The only thing you need to do is to hold them with the anchor stakes that come with the product or with sand weights since the plastic goals are light and can move with the wind or with a powerful shot.

Best football exercises to do with a plastic goal

Precision exercises: Place the goal at a distance of approximately 10 meters, if you score a goal, progressively increase the distance from the football goal to achieve better results.

6 vs 6 matches: These matches are simple and very dynamic. You have to place the goals approximately 70 feet apart, make two teams, and let the best team win.

Best brands of plastic goals

The best brands of plastic football goals are Franklin Sports, Quickplay, and Forza.

These sports manufacturers are differentiating themselves from their competitors as they are betting on innovation and quality in their products. In addition to the fact that they have very differentiated products between the three brands.

Franklin Sports is a brand dedicated to the game of babies, toddlers and children, they manufacture small football goals, with a maximum size of 12 x 6 feet.

Quickplay is more focused on the lightness and transport of its products so they can be used whenever you want.

And the Forza brand has the idea of manufacturing more professional football goals.

Do plastic goals stay on when you shoot?

Yes, if they are anchored correctly.

Keep in mind that plastic football goals are very light and if there are strong gusts of wind or an adult shoots the ball hard, there is a chance that the football goal will blow away or move.

Types of plastic goals

Nowadays, there is only one type of plastic football goal and that is polyvinyl chloride or commonly known as PVC.

Most of the football goals in this category are made of PVC and depending on the brand, they will undergo special treatments so the materials can have a greater degree of impact and make the plastic much more resistant.

A football goal on the line of a soccer field

The best plastic soccer goal is the Amazon Basics Soccer Goal Frame. It is backed up by thousands of reviews and the score given by them, the users.

Yes, if they are anchored correctly. Keep in mind that plastic soccer goals are very light.

Buying 2 plastic soccer goals instead of one can be very beneficial. You will develop social skills with different people.


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