Best Portable Football Goals

Portable soccer goals can be set anywhere. Unlock your training potential!

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FORZA ProFlex Portable football GOAL

Alex’s personal opinion

What better goal to recommend than a foldable FORZA goal, the ProFlex goal is manufactured to be used in the world of professional football where meets the objectives set by the coaches in the exercises.

The Forza ProFlex can be assembled in up to 2 minutes, apart from the fact that it isn’t necessary to have tools thanks to its technology.

Portable soccer goals are great as football gifts for kids and adults thanks to the different sizes available that FORZA offers.


FORZA Pod Aluminum Folding Goal

Jorge’s personal opinion

If the first recommended goal has been FORZA, in this second place it will not be another brand other than FORZA.

This goal is designed for premium training. Also, it has been supplied to some of the best Premier League clubs and the quality of these soccer goals has been recognized by the best soccer clubs in the world. The soccer goal offers state-of-the-art construction to players and coaches of all levels.

This goal has a fluorescent yellow micromesh net thus guaranteeing a good training session thanks to the fact that the net is quite visible.

Also, the Forza Aluminum has an assembly of nothing more than 10 seconds. This doesn’t mean that it is not rigid or it doesn’t hold on the ground, far from it.

TheΒ goal is made from high-strength aluminum that makes it usable during countless training sessions.



Alex’s personal opinion

Possibly the best of the goals that we can find on the net to use in any professional football match.

This foldable goal is manufactured to the smallest detail. Designed as an elite construction for proper use all year round due to the aluminum design of the goal frame.

We consider this one to be the most outstanding goal offering its use during competitions as a goal, in addition, it is also light and portable thanks to a folding design designed by the Net World Sports brand.



Jorge’s personal opinion

We must include this goal in the top ten. Made of steel, it isΒ  possibly the most resistant of all of them.

This resistance is achieved thanks to its strong galvanized steel posts, an advantage when using this goal in any environment.

However, the Forza Steel42 has four different sizes of goals to suit different requirements, from a mini soccer goal to full-size football goals for adults. As well as having a relatively quick assembly due to its innovative built-in locking system.

Incredibly, this foldable goal withstands all types of shots without any problem and this is due to its solid design.



Alex’s personal opinion

The soccer brand QUICKPLAY has developed portable soccer goals.

Many brands have tried to come up with their designs, but very few have come closer to the quality proven by the soccer training experience of the QuickPlay goal.

Unlike other goals from other brands, Kickster Academy posts come pre-installed. Where makes the assembly and disassembly easier and reduces the chance of parts getting lost or misplaced.

Likewise, installing this goal is super simple as it comes with only 4 pieces, where you simply have to connect the vertical posts.



Jorge’s personal opinion

The FORZA brand is constantly innovating, as it has created a new line of PVC goals.

They are made for the little ones as they are not as heavy as aluminum or steel ones. They are football goals of a relatively low professional level.

All soccer goals manufactured by FORZA have an innovative button locking system that provides better resistance and stability during use that helps with a simple assembly process of the children’s football net.

These goals are designed to have fun in the backyard of your house or with friends during a birthday party.


Kwik Flex Goal

Alex’s personal opinion

Kwik has designed this portable football goal to withstand continuous travel and use.

Being light and portable you can move the goal around the field effortlessly. Installation and disassembly can be done in minutes and is suitable for children and adults.

The Kwik Flex Goal is made from fiberglass and metal and is designed to be easily installed and removed without the need for tools.

Tension bars, vinyl posts, and crossbar give to the foldable Kwik Flex soccer goal the appearance of a professional soccer goal.


SKLZ Quickster Portable GoalFOOTBALL GOAL

Jorge’s personal opinion

If you don’t want to waste time assembling and disassembling goals with slightly complicated instructions, SKLZ has the perfect goal for you.

You can start training in less than 2 minutes, the goal of this brand is easy to configure and ultra-portable.

The technology carried out by this company, the Tension-Tite frame, has manufactured a durable and at the same time stable goal for both young and professional players.



Jorge’s personal opinion

Play anywhere and anytime with the BOWNET portable soccer goal. This goal is the best in terms of value for money offered by the brand, as well as being the best-selling.

Bownet’s EAS (Energy Absorption System) technology helps reduce stress and strain on the net, prolongs the life of the goal, and creates a more balanced and stable goal on impact.

The goal should be assembled in around 60 seconds without tools, cables, or heavy steel crossbars, giving us the opportunity for an effective and easy assembly, reducing the risk of injury during play and practice.



Jorge’s personal opinion

This perfect training goal is made to be assembled and disassembled in minutes, all you have to make sure is to keep it taut.

You will be impressed with the goal made by the GOL ME brand, it has received the Professional Training Goal award.

It weighs less than 30 pounds and is stored in a bag that is less than one percent of the total size of the goal.

And since this goal is in one piece, you will avoid losing any part that may come. Don’t wait for a field. Make one.



Many footballers formerly played in only one type of goal, the 11-a-side football goal of a lifetime.

But nowadays this has been changing throughout the history of football. Brands are innovating and designing different types of foldable goals every day to meet customer demands and to be able to stay ahead at all times. Well, one of those designs is portable goals.

These goals are differentiated by having a great variety of sizes, from the biggest goal you can imagine to play to the smallest for the little ones. The portable goals have also been defined thanks to their lightness of being able to be carried and assembled with great ease on any terrain of game.

The good thing about these folding goals is that they perfectly meet your requirements since you can buy from the biggest goal with the best possible quality on the market to a small pop up goalie that you want, exclusively to have fun with your children.

Depending on the use that you are going to give it, you should see the fragility, as plastic football goals, and stability, as metal football nets, that they come to have. These last two characteristics are hard to measure because each brand manufactures according to their interests and opinions that their clients have of their own goals.

How to use portable soccer goals

It depends on the use that you are going to make of the goal. You will have to consider some characteristics or others.

On the one hand, the manufacturing materials will determine their durability and stability, on the other hand, the size will make them more or less comfortable to transport or install.

When having a portable soccer goal wherever you play changes the gaming experience HUGELY.

Buying a portable soccer goal can represent a perfect investment either for the big teams in training sessions or for your personal use if you don’t have access to a good soccer field, to play with your friends, and even make some free kicks.

These types of foldable products can be used as soccer goals in your garden or in the beach!

Kids playing with a portable goal

How to fold portables goals

For the correct use of portable goals, it is advisable to use them according to the instructions supplied. They also need to be stored properly so the net won’t break.

Dismantling the goal is not always as easy as stated in the manufacturer’s instructions, therefore, before folding the goal at the end of the game or training, it would be advisable to read the instructions at least a couple of times. Altenatively, click on the video detailing how to dismantle a portable goal to get the first idea.

Each goal features the manufacturer’s design and therefore has unique assembly and disassembly instructions.

There are some types of goals that can’t be fully folded, like professional soccer stadium goals, so make sure that, if you’re going to take it to different places, you’re able to fold it quickly!


Can you replace the net in a portable goal

In most portable football goals changing the net if it breaks can be a bit difficult.

This kind of goals come as an entire product, sewn and with the net adjusted according to the dimensions established by each brand, so replacing the net in case of breakage can be exhausting, although not impossible if you have a little bit of skill and time.

Personally, as it is not an extremely expensive product, I would wear out the product that I have bought and then buy a new one if I have enjoyed the product. A lot different than in the flat coerver and futsal goals that changing the net is the easiest thing ever.

Portable goal to fix the broken net

Should I buy 1 or a 2 pack of portable goals?

In my opinion, I will always try to buy two portable goals, since you never know if a game can be played around the corner or how many people can join on the beach or in the field.

If, on the other hand, you are going to use the goal in a relatively small playing area, you would buy only one foldable goal.

I also have to say that the best games that I have played have always been with two goals because basically you can play with a lot of people and therefore there will be more competition, having a better feeling of winning.

We will socialize and meet new friends from our earlier years of playing with the children’s soccer goals nets in our favorite pastime then we will be able to go out to do physical exercise much more often. On top of that, when it comes to having a pair of portable goals, you can make the playing field as big as you want.

What sizes of portable goals do you have?

Nowadays, finding the ideal size for a soccer goal is very easy when you could choose the one that best suits your needs most of the time.

All of these portable goals are in line with the FA recommendations to ensure that game development and competitiveness are maintained in all categories.

We suggest the dimensions of the foldable goals according to the type of match or for giving you a general idea.

FOOTBALL 11 GOALS: Football 11 goals are generally known as professional football goals. They are used for 11 vs 11 matches, these goals are 24-feet-wide by 8-feet-high. Most used types of goals can be seen in any professional football event.

The FA recommends that players of 15 years old and older players can play with the 24-foot-wide by 8-foot high goals. While 13 and 14-year-olds games are recommended to use 21-foot-wide by 7-foot-high goals, this goal is slightly smaller than the 11-foot professional soccer goal, and for this reason, it is called a junior goal.

FOOTBALL 9 GOALS: Football 9 goals are used for players under 12 years of age. The FA recommends the use of goals 16-feet-wide by 7-feet-high for 9-a-side football games and can generally be found on artificial fields.

FOOTBALL 7 GOALS: The 7 goals are popular in mini-football games and they are used by various age levels. The most popular mini soccer goal is 12-feet-wide x 6-feet-high, used by under 9 and 10 years old for training and competitive matches under FA guidelines. The 12ft x 6ft goals can also be used on artificial pitches when seniors are playing games of 7.

What terrain is the best to play with a portable goal?

The good thing about this beautiful game is that you donΒ΄t need any specific type of terrain, that is why this sport is so great and played all over the world. Footballers play anywhere and with anything that resembles a ball!Β 

Portable goals can be placed on any ground surface thanks to their anchoring systems or the innovative technology of each brand. Inflatable soccer nets could be placed anywhere too.

  • If we are playing on the beach, you can use either the anchor stakes that come with the product or bags/sandbags.
  • If we play on grass you will have to use, as on the beach, the anchor stakes or the sandbags for a perfect grip to the ground.
  • As for the firmer ground, the stakes are unfeasible, we must use sandbags or waterbags.


This type of goal seeks a balance between perfect stability and portability, to be able to place it on any ground surface.

Even so, for a complete experience of the product, I would carefully read the in

A football field terrain portable goal

Best football exercises to do with a portable goal

  • Precision drills: Set the goal at a distance of 10 meters and then progressively increase as the ball gets into the goal.


  • 5 vs 5 matches: For this type of match we recommend placing the two goals at a distance of around 25 meters. If you want reduced matches to increase the quality of your game, you will have to decrease the space between goals.


  • Possession games: Keep the ball with your teammates and score into the football goal to win the exercise. We recommend that this exercise should be played by two teams of at least 3 people or more.


Best brands of portable goals

Just as the best football brands have pop-up goals, they also manufacture larger portable goals.

This type of goal has been increasingly innovating to achieve almost a unique design such as the FORZA ProFlex, these portable goals are being used in almost daily training routines at the highest competitive level.

In addition, the portable goals of all brands can be used by the little ones as they have a moderate price according to their characteristics.

In our top, we have added many foldable FORZA goals, since, in this category, the first prize is won by having a great variety such as the Aluminum football Forza goal, the Forza Alu60, or the Forza Steel42.

We can’t leave aside two such historical brands as Samba, QuickPlay or SKLZ.

Both QuickPlay and SKLZ have a design practically the same as FORZA, so according to the information obtained, I would consider Forza as the first brand, QuickPlay in second place, and SKLZ as third place.

We should not leave out Bownet as it has an innovative and attractive design developed in recent years.

Do portable goals stay on when you shoot?

Portable goals must be kept standing at all times, heeding the manufacturer’s instructions, using the product with care and as appropriate, it should not give any problem.

Now, this topic is a bit controversial because depending on which pages you are on, you will read some things or others.

Although obviously if we compare the strength of a child with that of an adult playing in a small goal, it will tend to lose its shape, the net can break, etc.

Therefore, we must keep in mind a couple of things: what we are buying, what use is going to be given and who is going to give it.

In addition, of course, treat the product with care and store it with caution.

penalty kick in a football game

The FORZA ProFlex goal is made to be used in the world of professional football where meets the objectives set by the coaches in the exercises.

YES, portable goals must be kept standing at all times, heeding the manufacturer’s instructions.

The good thing about this beautiful game is that you donΒ΄t need any specific type of terrain, that is why this sport is so great and played all over the world.


Play a match anywhere with a pop up goal!


Train like a Pro with full sized stadium goals!


Start to train like a Pro, at home!


Ideal option to play anywhere as they are very light!


Exercise in the double-sided soccer goal multiple exercises simultaneously!


Football goals are designed to have fun and develop social skills!


Perfect goals to play official competitions!


The hardest types of goals you will find. They won’t move!


Carry with you the goals anywhere anytime!


Practice your football skills at the beach!